Something Good..

This post is here just to encourage you to focus on something good!

 Sometimes life sucks.  It’s really that simple.   Life can be downright dreadful.  Just when you’re expecting it to go one way, BAM, it turns left and by left I mean, you blew your budget, broke a nail, dropped your lunch, and found out your cousin needs a kidney all in the same 3 hour span.  Like a whole bunch of random things that each by themselves wouldn’t be so bad but they just popped up ALL AT ONCE and you’re like, LIFE! CHILL YO!  You have to bring out your rehearsed New York slang on life so it can stop and give you a moment to breathe.   

*takes deep breath*

Now you take one.  

I will wait.  

Go ahead.

Life be trippin’.  The slang was intentional lol. 

But one thing is true, and I say this often; just like things can change for the bad, they can get better.  In the midst of a tough time, all you need is that one piece of good news to keep you going.  But what do you do when you cannot find the good in your present happenings?  When it’s not available, I want to encourage you to choose something good to focus on.

I am asked how I manage to stay so positive.  If you ask my husband, he knows the real lol.  I am not ALWAYS positive.  That’s impossible.  But I take my moment to complain or cry or both and then I focus on something good.  I speak what I want to see and write it down.  I do not focus on the negative.  Unfavorable events will always happen.  Saying statements like, “oh what else can go wrong,” simply invite more negative activity because it’s what you’re speaking and focusing on.

Focus on something good.

What is a goal that you have?

Where is a vacation destination you will visit?

What compliment did you receive lately?

Who do you have in your life that is irreplaceable?

If you have no answers for these questions, I encourage you to go be the things you feel you are lacking for someone else.  You will not regret it when the focus isn’t getting something in return but simply giving someone else something good to focus on.


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