My Birthing Story Baby Number 2

With all that has gone on I'm so late documenting the birthing story of my son but before I completely forget it I want to write it down.

On November 7, 2015 my mother died.  I was very pregnant. I think my due date was 11/20 but I had been on bed rest because the baby kept trying to come. I was on meds and everything. A few ER scares and hospital stays. It was very scary. Literally the week before my mom passed I made it to the safe zone. The days she died I had planned to go visit her.
My husband and I had a little argument the night before. He went to work as usual so he wasn't home when I woke up.
I was kind of groggy when I heard him come into the door. I hadn't seen my phone yet. Thank God.
He sat me down and said he had something to tell me.
He told me mommy died.
I said okay, and calmly got up and walked to the bathroom. He followed me because I guess he knew that wasn't the end of my reaction.
I just screamed from the depths of my soul.
Like no! Not like this. Not me being this pregnant. Not me not being able to see her because I was on bedrest the last month. Just no!
So fast forward to funeral planning and doing all this while praying the baby stayed in to make it through the funeral.  I wanted to bury my mom and THEN have baby and start the new chapter. But no, I went to my doctor's appointment that Friday and my doctor "checked me," and I felt weird that whole night. I truly believe he stripped my membranes. I had to tell him to GET out of my special place. And okay here's where it begins to get graphic (lol) sorry. Pieces of my mucus plug kept coming out the rest of that night.
I woke up at 8am and tried to force myself back asleep because I just didn't want to be up.
For the better part of my pregnancy I had contractions but when I woke back up at 8:30 I felt that these were THEE contractions. So I called my doctor. He told me to come in. We didn't leave the house until an hour later because I was trying to pack a bag and we had CeeCee. It was a mess. I didn't pack a bag because I was NOT ready to have that baby. Ugh! The funeral was set for that upcoming Wednesday. I just wanted to make it. I had to be there.
So on our way to the hospital my contractions basically go from nothing  to everything. I wanted to stop at corner bakery for breakfast but the line was too long. In hindsight, if orlando would have stayed in that line like I wanted I would have probably had the baby in the car. We stopped at jack in the box right by the hospital. I felt the shifting. Like my hips shifting open and baby boy coming down. I was like oh shoot lol. I was in so much pain.
We made it to the hospital and since it was Saturday the valet was closed. Orlando went to get a wheel chair. Then he had to get CeeCee and put her in her stroller. It. Was. A. Mess!
I was screaming. No don't worry about the wheel chair I will walk. All outside of the hospital. The I tried to walk. It was so crazy. So he got CeeCee in her stroller and me in the wheel chair. This man pushes me with one hand and CeeCee with the other! It was crazy. And it's like a 15 minute walk up a winding path and an elevator ride to labor and delivery.
We finally make it on the labor and delivery floor. With the contractions at full force I'm standing up, sitting down, standing up, sitting down.
The nurses are just looking at me. I want to slap them.
I use the restroom and get a gown.
They check me and say baby will be her sometime this afternoon.
It's 11am.
I keep telling them the contractions are hurting. I'm calling everyone like are y'all coming up here because this baby is coming!
The nurse checks me and I'm like look! Let me get off this bed. I just want to walk.
I try to jump off the bed. This heffa raises the bed so high. She said if I got down I would have the baby on the floor. I assure her that's OK with me!
Since they won't let me off the bad I turn on all fours and begin screaming at the top of my lungs with every contraction. Like if I were in another room I'd be like what the heck is wrong with that lady.
They kept trying to find a vein for the IV but I was on all fours and I was screaming and moving. Finally my doctor comes in, grabs my hand, jabs me with the IV needle and gets it.
I'm like ok you got the IV give me the drugs! Nope,
Time to push. What?
You see the baby?! The nurse says yes.
She makes me turn around and get in traditional pushing position but tells me not to push so my doctor could get on the correct garments. It was taking him forever! I politely told him it HURRY UP!

At this point the nurse is holding her hands over my lady parts. I said hey! Are you trying to keep him in?! I was so mad and confused lol.

She said no but she could see the baby.

I said well if you can see him, can't y'all just pull him out?
Noooooo you have to push Camile. Why?
If you can see him, just pull him out!
That's not how this works ma'am.
So I push him out and bam, baby boy. 6lbs 7 ounces I believe. 11:20am

Beautiful little white baby lol.
He's over a year now and such a joy. He brought joy when there was so much pain!
I will ever by grateful for my baby boy!

My sister walked in right when I was about to push. The experience was healing for her as well.
CeeCee was in the room and I thought she would be traumatized but she was alright because her father remained calm.
What an experience.
I actually don't think I could ever forget.

Here's some pics of baby 1. She's 3 now.


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