No MEAT?! NO Meat!

Okay so here is day 1 of no meat. I woke up SO hungry lol. Those chicken wings I ate last night were awesome but they had my stomach hurting! So this no meat fast is right on time! I've already eaten some cinnamon toast this morning (lol ughhhh I know that isn't good to get a sugar rush at 5am) but I want to just choose all around healthier choices for this month. So on the menu for the rest of the day...

Yogurt and granola
Sauteed Spinach w/ noodles and spaghetti sauce on the side

I know that isn't enough food for the whole day! I need to go to the store.

So WHY no meat for a month? A challenge from a friend....

And I eat meat WAY too much so I want to see if it will make a difference in my body and skin.  And EVERY time I eat red meat I get heartburn and indigestion.  It's so hard for me to digest.  But there are still things that taste like meat! I can eat veggie burgers, mushrooms (yuuummmmm), and beans! I need to also find other sources of protein so I can continue to lose weight! Not trying to pass out now! lol

You ready Reggie?



Brittany said...

Yes you can do it! I did it last year and honestly you have the determination and vision. I need to get back on that train lol God bless!

Reggie said...

Oh my god!!!

I knew that this would be hard, but not this hard Cam!!!

It's only day five and I've got a serious meat monkey on my back. Every single time I turn around I see images of fried chicken, juicy steaks and nice thick burgers!!!

It's driving me nuts!!!

.......and yet, it's day five and I haven't even come close to eating meat. I can do this. I will do this. It's not easy, but so many things in life that we challenge ourselves to do aren't easy.

Such is life.

So far, I've eaten vegetarian sub sandwiches, vegetarian Chinese food, split pea soup (no ham), yogurt, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (for protein) and about a pound of cherries.

This is gonna be a long month, but I promise you, you're not alone....I'm here with you.

Reggie said...

Today I grilled some veggie burgers and guess what....they tasted like veggie burgers.

I was totally dissatisfied with them, so I also made some black beans and that was good.

Did go out and pick up some more cherries today.....and some pistachios too.

Reggie said...

I want a chicken wing so bad that I'd run down the chicken myself and pluck his butt good!!!

Reggie said...

Today I ate some cheese, mushroom and black olive was delicious.

More than a third of the month gone and I'm holding on by the skin on my teeth.

Reggie said...

Day 12......and I've got a serious meat monkey on my back. I haven't broken down yet....and I won't. Eighteen more days to go before I can throw down on a USDA Grade A T-Bone. Trust and believe, I'll be chewing on one on July 1st!!!

Ms. Camile said...

hahah REGGIE! You are giving me ideas hahaha of all the food I will eat on in July. But uh...idk if that's a good idea to eat meat on July 1st. we are completely cleansing our bodies. Shouldnt we ease back into this meat thing. Like say a small piece of chicken day one, then another on days 2 and 3, and like the steak on the 4th! IDK but it seems like we could really shock our systems if we go to hard, too fast

Reggie said...

Day 18, no meat......

The hell with that Camile!!!

I'm planning a trip to Memphis next month and I'm gonna try to eat at least two or three pigs while I'm there. But trust me, I'm gonna start the month off with a nice tasty T-Bone.

Today I had some cheese pizza and a veggie six inch sub for lunch and I'm eating a bowl of cherries as I post this. Lack of meat makes you as hungry as a mofo!!!

Maybe I'll also eat some pistachios to try to cure this meat Jones!!!

The next time, I'll just shut my big piehole!!!

Ms. Camile said...

lmbo hahahhaha 2 pigs? Okay reggie you do you. I am hungry EVERY minite of EVERY day! lol. *sigh* I want meat sooooobad and I'm tried as HELL of fruit! But we're almost done! Yaaaaaaay!

Reggie said...

Day 23 no meat.

I'm so hungry most days my legs are starting to look good to me. Each night I end up eating a bowl of cherries to staunch my hunger pains. Today I picked up some more vegetarian Chinese food. I wanted some boneless spareribs so badly that I almost snapped at the young Chinese girl that waited on me.

At work I've been irritable as hell and now daily, people keep asking me why I'm in such a terrible mood. I didn't think that I was showing outward signs of my Jones, but apparently I am.

One week left. I will have that T-Bone next Thursday morning.......I will have it!!!

Reggie said...

Day 24, no meat.....

I just had some fried okra, it was good........but, some fried chicken would have seriously set it off.

I've been very irritable lately, I've been snapping people up at work. If this month doesn't end soon, then I'll probably need to start looking for another gig.

I'm a much nicer person when I've been shoving meat in my meat hole.

I'm gonna go grab a few cherries and some pistachios, but Camile....this ain't living.

Reggie said...

Day 25, no meat.

Camile I am so mad at myself. Today I was seriously Jonesing on some chicken wings......with Blue Cheese dressing. That would have been a great way to pick up a long busy day at work.

But no, I ended up eating some vegetable egg fu yung and some dry ass black beans.

I don't even care for pork like talking about, but I could do some serious damage to some pork chops about right now. Ahhh, I'm drooling over ribs though.....that's pig too.

Reggie said...

Day 26, no meat.

Today I went into a Wendy's. I ordered a sweet iced tea and a baked potato with broccoli and cheese. While I waited for my food I absolutely lusted after a Baconator Double Cheese that was a mere 4 inches from my shaking hands. I'm sure that I was drooling on myself.....unashamedly.

I am only a man, flesh and blood. I feel as though I should go to confession with the lustful desires that I had for that bacon cheeseburger. It was awful, just awful. Next week, I will go back and devour one.........unashamedly.

Ms. Camile said...

we're doing soooooooooooooo good! Go Reggie! Go Reggie! Go Reggie!

Last night I went to kfc I had 2 biscuits, cole slaw, and potato wedges. SO fattening lol but I rejected the cal of those chicken strips, extra crunchy!

Reggie said...

Day 28, no meat.

I honestly don't see how people do this on a permanent basis.

Yesterday I made a huge pot of vegetable stew. I made it with split peas, corn, carrots, rice, potatoes, black beans, onions, garlic and a whole boatload of other stuff. It turned out delicious......but some beef would have really set it off.

This month didn't kill me. I just focused on eating other foods, foods without meat in them. But still, I missed the meat. I've walked more miles this month than I've ever walked in my life. Since I was off today, I've already walked about 6 miles, I'll probably walk at least 3 more before the day is over. Yesterday I walked close to 10 miles and I walked about 8 on Saturday. My body really needs that protein to function. Today as I type this, I feel beat all to hell.

I got my grill ready for business today. I cleaneded out the charcoal and cleaned off the grid. I'm getting it ready for Thursday. Thursday I'll start off the day by grilling a nice juicy T-bone for breakfast. I'm gonna scramble some eggs with cheese to go with it. I can't wait to eat that. But I'll be eating that vegetable soup today, tomorrow and Wednesday. It is what it is.

Ms. Camile said...

YES! I've never been this hungry in my LIFE! Man! That protein realllly sticks to your ribs. I'm eating bacon in the morning, chicken wings for breakfast, and chicken wings again for dinner! But then I have to take it easy again. I loved meat BUT I have a bridesmaids dress to fit in hahahha and meat helps me pack on the pounds!


Reggie said...

Camile don't nobody want a bone but a dog!!!

The only thing that a woman that weighs 100 pounds can do for me is to point to one that weighs 150!!!

But, sigh........back to the misery. Day 29, no meat and the end is in sight. Today I had some french fries for lunch and some vegetable soup for dinner.

The last Tuesday of every month the company that I work for sponsors the feeding of the homeless in downtown Charleston through Crisis Ministries. I've only missed one since I started doing it a year and a half ago and that's only because I was on a cruise then. I find the time that I spend there very fulfilling.

On my way back home tonight, I stopped at a grocery store and picked up a nice juicy sirloin. I had intended to pick up a T-bone, but the sirloin looked good enough to eat that's what I went with. Tomorrow night before I go to bed, I'll marinate it and pound it like it owes me money. Thursday morning around 5ish, I'm gonna grill it and scramble up some eggs with cheese and peppers. I'll put on a pot of coffee and make that breakfast do what it do. I can't wait!!!

Reggie said...

Day 30, no meat.

Words cannot express just how happy I am that this month is now over. I am completely meat starved enough to lust joyfully after ribs from Burger King. One of the temps in my office got some and they looked absolutely delicious...I'm sure that I was drooling.

However, in just a few moments I'll be going into my kitchen to season, pound and marinate a nice juicy sirloin that I have every intention of devouring early tomorrow morning.

I won't be doing this crazy shit again.

Ms. Camile said...

ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh I can't wait! That sounds scrum-dili-umtious!

I think the most painful part about this whooooole things is that I've been cooking for other people. I mean turkey spaghetti, chicken breasts, chicken enchiladas...sigh so the first thing I will be doing is tearing into the chicken enchiladas I made earlier this week. there's one corner left just for me! Then my friend is taking me to wingstop! then I may just got to a buffet cuz I want allllllllllllllllllll the meats! ALL of em!

And then Friday i gotta bring it back in lol but Thursday i ain't counting a calorie and I'm eating nothing but meat! i dont want to see a vegetable OR a fruit!

Ms. Camile said...

i will NEVER do this again!

Reggie said...

Never again!!!

But I kept my word. Not one morsal of meat entered my mouth in June. Next time I plan on keeping my blathering piehole shut!!!

Reggie said...

This week I'm in Memphis and over the last three days I've probably eaten three or four pigs. Needless to say, Reggie won't be going meatless again.