None of Your Business

There’s a weird shame you feel when you’re battling sickness and disease. When it’s noticeable to you, you understand or can surmise that it’s noticeable to many others. Most people are polite and won’t say anything and some people aren’t trying to be rude but are genuinely concerned (we’ll skip over the rest).  What happened? What is “it?” What’s your diagnosis? I have generic answers for most people. It’s really none of anyone’s business unless I choose to tell but people are so casual and can come off demanding. 

It’s none of your business. 

Some say you can’t tell tone from text while others SWEAR  they KNOW!  I assure you the sentence above is delivered with no malice. In fact, read it again and allow yourself to hear it as a whisper. 

It’s none of your business. 

Nope,  no meanness, harshness, bitterness, rudeness, or sarcasm. It’s simply facts. 

I share what I share and that’s it. Someone sharing is not an invitation for interrogation. 

This is funny because if you’ve ever had a conversation with me I ask so many questions! Lol. I’m naturally curious.  I love getting to know people. So I get it. And it’s okay. Just be ready for my answer to be my answer. I may feel like sharing or elaborating that day but I most likely won’t. *shrugs*

Some things simply are what they are. 

Whew. Now that we’ve got that out the way. Let’s list some other things that people ask about that are none of their business. *smile*

  1. When are you having kids?
How do you know we want kids? How do you know we didn’t just have a miscarriage or have been trying since our honeymoon 6 years ago and haven’t gotten pregnant once? 

It’s none of your business.  

  1. When are you settling down? 
This question is usually from well meaning family who can’t understand how a beautiful/handsome, educated person like yourself still hasn’t found love. They don’t know that you’re wondering the same thing! You’ve been on dates but just haven’t clicked with a special someone. Or you haven’t been on dates because you just haven’t found someone with mutual interests. Or fathom this, you’re enjoying being single. This is the most unbelievable one. People take it upon themselves to insist you’re miserable and wasting your good years. 

It’s none of your business. 

  1. Are you vaccinating?
It’s none of your business. 

  1. Are you gay?
It’s none of your business. 

  1. Are you a virgin?
Its none of your business. 

  1. Will you go to work when the kids are both in school? Maybe....

Lol got cha!

Well. Have you been asked something that’s none of their business? Please share.