Life Isn't Fair and Then You Die!/Done With Black Men

I'm mad! My little sister (God Sister) can't go to prom and it's really making me upset.  I'm not yet a parent, so maybe those of you who are will feel differently.  Here's the deal. My lil sis messed up in 9th and 10th grades and as a result is having to finish credits from those grades in the 11th and 12th grade and as a result, she will have to graduate in the summer.  Okay, yes she messed up but shouldn't her mother have tightened the reigns THEN. She is being punished for something that isn't entirely her fault.  Her mama was going through her own little drama and in my opinion did not adequately monitor mu lil sis.  Thus, she messed up her grades and now is trying to right all the wrongs.  She did well in both 11th and 12th grades making A's and B's but because she won't graduate on time, her mother is not allowing her to go to prom.  I guess what really bothers me is that her mother won't accept that she failed too.  She wasn't there as a guide and a disciplinarian.  when I CHILD is in high school, they are still under their parents rules and regulations.  The mother didn't do all she could but they child has to pay. Maybe I'm seeing this wrong. Parents, give me your input.

Part 2: Done with Freaking Black dudes!

Now let me preface this by saying this is not directed to the Black men who loooooooooove Black women or is it dedicated to the Black men who love WOMEN no matter what race, shape, size, and believe in falling in Love with whomever it may be.  This is dedicated to all the REST of the brothers who seemingly as a collective majority have decided to exclusively NOT date Black women.  I mean they are avoiding us like the plague.  My BF told me that before her, her husband had sworn off Black women but now he knows that "she saved him" because Black women are awesome just like all other women.  We are some special creatures.  But these stupid Black men who've sworn us off are truly misinformed.  YOU CHOSE the girl with the attitude or the money hungry gold digger! YOU chose her and now you're done dating ALL Black women because of YOUR lousy choices. HMPH! Well I want to say forget you too and good riddance! If you don't want me, I don't want you either.  I was told in a blog to get over it.  I mean I think the title was "Black women, get over it!" lol or some foolishness. How the hell are you supposed to get over your own damn people saying you aren't good enough to date.  You're good enough to be a baby mama but not good enough to be a wife. Smh.

This just boggles my mind.  I guess it's because I know what type of woman that I am and I know what type of woman I'm  striving to be and I know that the rap that Black women get is not the majority. What we've been labeled as saddens me. And I know ALL Black men are not swearing of Black women but it seems like a big chunk. Just the other day, my co-worker would not let me see the pictures in his phone at first because he thought I would say something about all the white girls and Hispanics in his phone.  Of course I didn't but look how guilty he was acting!

Well I say enough is enough. If I'm undate-able by a Black man then I say forget it! I'm dating Samoans and Puerto Ricans from here on out! *folds arms over chests*

No, I'm not an Angry Black Woman and I'm lying about not dating Black guys anymore but I am a hurt Black woman. Hurt that Black men haven't taken up for us!



Ekemini said...

LOL@ dating Samoans and Puerto Ricans! Not ready to make the leap to white men yet! I feel you its sad what's going on in our community and LA is the WORST!

Ms. Camile said...

Hahahhaha yeah I can't really get with their small lips and pale skin! I need lip girth and color and not no dang sprayed on tan hahahhahaha! I'm shallow lol

Mr Lonely said...

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25champ said...

1st I have to 2 say that I haven't given up on black women. I'm not races, but I won't date outside of my race just because I believe that black women deserve a Good black man. But just let me say this is no different than when women says ni**as aint shit. Isn't that claiming that all black men aren't shit and that's usually based on personal experience. Like I tell ppl all the time "PPl aint shit" which has nothing to do with gender. I love dating women who have the same skin as my MOMMA and will alwys do my best to be there 4 them, but if someone else chooses to date exclusively 1 race then thats there BI...It's just not my cup of tea. Good Read!

Tunde said...

funny thing is that most black men that i know who are in relationships are in one with black women. ALL married black men that i know (and i know a lot) are married to black women. media, blogs, cnn, etc. would have you believe that there is a dating crisis between black people. seriously if you subscribe to that rhetoric then you have deeper issues than who wants to date you. take a lot at all the black men you know and tell me how many are really married to or dating white women. celebrities don't count. look on your block.

Don said...

Great reads.

Since you are allowing complete truth and honesty in your comments I believe your little sister should stop thinking about it, and handle her business, regardless of the actions or non-actions of anyone else.

As a sister it might end up as a great thing if you advise her of this instance being a prelude to The Real World.

As far as black women. Y'all are the most passionate and compassionate and sexy and incredibly shaped women in the world. I couldn't imagine being without a black woman.

I don't believe you should ever consider the actions of a man who looks past black women as an insult. I feel it's more important to consider what could have transpired behind his sentiments.

You feel me?

That being said, I must admit, there are some downright evil black women and men in this world.

Ms. Camile said...

@25champ I agree. And I know some bitter WOMEN black, hispanic, white. But to me, what I see is Black women getting the rap. I completely agree that people are people and they will either be good people or whack as hell! lol

@Tunde, honey where do you live? I see Black men with every race accept Black women on a DAILY basis so of course it would get to me after a while.I'm not making it up and I have close friends who WILL NOT date Black women. I have a close friend who thinks he's been hiding his relationship with a Hispanic girl but he's not that slick. I don't care about that and if he'd let me meet her I'd love it. I'm refurring to Black men who exlusively DO NOT date Black women because they've put us into this box of negativity. I'm like Dang! MY FATHER is married to a white woman (who I love!) and I have an uncle married to a Mexican (who I almost liked until she came out to be a coniving, lying, slut). Like I said boo, I ain't making it up.

@Don, you're my new favorite. It was 25champ but I'm giving him the boot for the day! lol Thanks for your gracious comments! I agree with what you said abbout Black women and I feel the same way about the Black men who act right.

I feel you! I really do. And this psot was more of a rant ya know. Just had to get it out. People can be evil! I;m jsut tired of sister getting the bitchy/evil label when I've seen rufless women in action from EVERY race.*roles eyes*

And as fro my little sis, she is already doing what you suggested and she is sad but she is using ti as fuel to make an awesome life for herself. I'm proud of her. I think I'm more hurt than she is that she isn't going to prom. :(

Colemansus said...

Many Black woman have a certain belligerence about them.

Oh well, your sister will have to strive harder and pray more. This way she can work harder in college.

AtruHollywood said...

Well being that my man is a Puerto Rican that everyone thinks is Samoan.. I guess I dont have much room to talk... with that said, as far as the black women who choose not to date black women forget em.. you don't want him anyway. As far as Im concerned that just 1 more fool you dont have to waste your time with. But on the other hand I know some black women who have turned some GOOD black men sour on the whole lot. Yes, its wrong for them to generalize, but from talking to a few of my associates its like they explained it to me with word association... when I say Brittany you think HOE... to some black men when you say Black Woman they think Primilee... and thats all i gotta say about that!!! LOL

Ms. Camile said...

@AtruHollywood Hahahhahha I REALLY hate you (she's my bf so it's permitted!). You suck because I busted up at that last sentence. I so get it! I realy dislike the Mean ass Black women who've turned those Black men sour but in MOST cases like DARIUS he CHOSE the "pretty" girl because he wanted a "trophy" and her crazy but turned out to be...CRAZY! lmbo. You get what you take and what you stand for so don't be mad fool! And then don't bash a whole race of women for your stupidty, shallowness, and impatience. Argh this is making me mad! lol I digress.

Welp, at least I can say I have some pretty decent prospects who happen to be Black and who happen to appreciate my Blackness. Full lips and hips! lol and I'm LOOKING DEEP so none of the ish above will happen. Amen? Amen! Call me girl if you want the biz! hahahhaha Love you boo!


Reggie said...

In regards to your god sister, I'd have to know a tad bit more detail in order to give you an educated opinion on that matter. I find it's best to hold young people accountable for their actions, because ultimately it's their life. Sure parents should take an active role in the lives of their children, had mine failed in high school; then I would have felt as if I failed them.

I have nothing but love for the woman of color......I honestly couldn't imagine laying down next to anything but that. Just like 7UP, never had it, never will.