Unspeakable Joy

Flashback of CeeCee cooking (photo by @nicolelennox ).

 I cannot wait to be pregnant again. Currently I am gearing up to start a cleanse so that my body can be at optimal health!  I wasn't sure I would share this so quickly but I suffered a miscarriage recently. NO one should have to go through that but it sure was a wake up call for me. I KNOW God did not DO IT to me for it is satan who comes to steal, kill, and destroy but I will use this situation to give God the glory and I'm starting The cleansing of my body of all the toxins and living my best healthy life. I've cleansed before but managed to fall off!

 I'm posting this for three reasons and not to hear awwww (which is the response we all give when someone says something said lol). Reason #1, God is good. I asked him to give me joy and I don't know why but I'm amazed at how he has covered me! I just have joy. I do get sad when I think about it sometimes but the joy and healing God has given me in this short time is just unspeakable. #2 posting is therapy for me. It happened and we are okay. We will have more children and we will never forget our angel resting in heaven! #3 Accountability.

Have a blessed week and thanks for reading!



Ciara Whitman said...

Hey camile. It is Ciara. I too suffered a miscarriage before having Kyndal. Found out on valentine's day too 😦. I am proud of the Godly woman you are now and are growing into. I will continue to pray for you; as I hope you will do the same for me.

Brittany said...

Hey Camile,
Sorry for your loss. Glad you shared. Joy and healing are 2 areas I am struggling in. Your sharing just blessed me and confirmed what I need to do.
Love you!


Briaune Brown said...

You got this sis!

Camile said...

I remember you told me privately but thanks so much for sharing here. It comforted me to know that I wasn't alone and that many of the moms I know went through it!

Camile said...

Thank you and I pray you get the joy and healing you need and soon! You are awesome and have so much to give to this world!

Camile said...

Thanks sis! :)