I'm just writing. Because I'm committed to giving my blog my all. I've written here so many times that I will be consistent but then I let life get in the way. Then I think, well maybe it isn't for me. But I always come back to this little ole blog. I've told this blog some deep rooted issues. I've shared my pain and hurt from what I've been through. And I have always been encouraged by the comments. And I can see people reading it. Sometimes 5, sometimes 60, and sometimes 100. I know that number will grow when I begin to share my testimony. *sigh*.

That was a refreshing breath. Because I am ready. My testimony in a nutshell is that God is a healer. A physical healer. Of disease that wants to kill you. He may not be the cause. But he is the way out.  That's it! In a nutshell but as God leads me I will begin the tell the full story. I'm excited!

Me currently

Me more than 8 years ago

There's a story behind these pictures! I look different because I am different.  Definitely a changed woman.

Stay tuned!