Pregnancy Plans Update

Well... I'm pregnant! As most people know. I know you're thinking, wow that was fast. But I had to write this blog (through the nausea and reoccurring cold) to clear something up.  It turns out in fact, I did NOT have a miscarriage. I know, I know. It's alot to wrap your head around. I'm still kind of in shock.  So let me try to briefly tell you what happened. 

Feb 15 I took a pregnancy test. One of the lines was faint so I took another the next day.  Yep, pregnant! I was so excited!  Then that Friday, my period started (feb 21st). And I was devistated. I prayed and beleived everything would be fine!  I was told by the nurse in my doctor's office that I should wait a few days and took another pregnancy test.  If it was negative I miscarried or had a chemical pregnancy (egg fertilized but did not implant completely). If it was positive, come in as soon as possible.  The problem with that, we had been speaking with and negotiating a deal with a broker for health insurance for over a month and still no plan. So I tried to go to a clinic and they wouldn't see me. My only option was the ER but I decided to just wait the five days. Most excruciating wait ever. I took the pregnancy test March 2nd and it read negative. I still kind of felt pregnant but within a couple days the nausea, and other symptoms went away completely. I said yeah, I'm not pregnant anymore. I felt like I wasn't and the test confirmed it.  I grieved and moved on. Didn't doubt God but just prayed that everything would be okay. Started my plan to get really healthy...then the nausea came back! Within two weeks. So I just waited on my period to start again...

And I waited...

Still waiting....

It just never came. Then something did come; my insurance card. Ding, ding! So, I tested again but had to wait a few weeks because of course I was newly pregnant. I thought, wow! That happened so fast! I took a test 5 days after my missed period on March 26th and sure enough, it was positive. Yay! I went to the doctor about a month later (because my doc stays booked and I had to wait until I was at least five weeks). I get on the table expecting to hear 5 weeks or something close and he says, "9 weeks 3 days. No miscarriage. Who told you that?" Your nurse! Lol. 

It still doesn't all make sense to me. But I know many women have had periods that first month. I'm glad I didnt lose the baby. My heart goes out to all the moms that have. The pain I felt and the tears I cried at the thought of losing the baby were so hurtful. Losing a child at any point is difficult. 

And God is amazing. It's crazy how our body works. I had been feeling pregnant for a whole week (beginning feb 8) and that's why I decided to test. But where my due date falls, it says I concvieded on feb 17th but I tested on feb 15th so idk! I'm just thankful.  And I'm glad I kept the faith. I guess all that I've been through has helped me to never doubt God.  I wouldn't let my mind go to the why me phase it always wants to go. I just poured my heart out and expected him to fix it and he did! 

I'm feeling excited and can't wait to see our new edition coming this Fall! 



Darlene Rene said...

Thank you for sharing that pain to victory story with us. We may not know, but God ALWAYS knows. Soooooooo glad you held onto Him for comfort. :)

Melisse D said...

Well ain't all that a story!!! Let's pray nothing else odd happens along this pregnancy & everyone stays healthy!
Congratulations friend!