Feeling overwhelmed so I'm just going to write down all the things I can think of that I'm thankful for.

A working brain
The ability to move, jump, work out, sweat, exercise
A praying husband who is sincere and would die for me
Food to eat
Clothes and shoes
Cute clothes
Those skinny jeans that keep me striving for that weight loss goals

Thankful for the fact that no life's circumstance has been able to kill my dreams
That my husband thinks I'm a hot babe!
For hair on my head no matter how difficult it may be
For the ability to mourn and get over things with God and time
For the ability to cry and release and be emotional even though that's not always good lol (drama queen!)

I'm thankful for peace at the times when I'm feeling dumped on and overwhelmed
Thankful for an awesome Mommy and big sister
Thankful for friends and a working car!

Thankful that God sees me, loves me, and knows whatever it is....


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