Poetry Party

It was very hard for me to write my poem. I just couldn't seem to get my thoughts together at firs.t i was afraid that people would either laugh or deem me incompetent judging by my poetry. i wonder if the great poets of our time felt this way. Of course but they still wrote through these ugly feelings.

Reading and analyzing poetry proves to be quiet a difficult task for me. It is just hard for me to I guess form my own meaning. I feel as if I'm just not "deep" enough for lack of a better word. But i think i did a pretty good job for our poetry analysis essay. It was difficult but I just tried to break down the poetry line by line. it is so much different when i write poetry.

When I write poetry, I can be myself. yes i try to stay within the parameters of what poetry is, not wanting to just spit my feelings out on a page (Wordsworth) butI don't have to worry about anyone elses perspective except for mine. So if I had to chose, of course I would rather write 10 poems than to write 1 essay. Maybe Professor Baxter will trade me.



wardah said...

Of course camille everyone goes through the same anxiety whenever they are trying to do do something creative becuase before that we are so exposed to what is good art that we compare all our efforts to that. I think it is very important though that the students who we are about to teach are not discouraged by this anxiety and try more and more to do activities that help them get over and feel encourged to try new things.

mad731danielsusa said...

Is this for a class??? Or are you finding another site in which to express yourself?