Mythical Experience

Writing a myth was actually fun. At first i was dreading it but once I got started I couldn't stop. I think that my myth was cool but it might have been a tad bit long winded. The best part about my myth is the time I put into it and the true parts of me I put into it. And that made me realize that though I might not necessarily believe in all of the principles or concepts discussed in the myths we wrote in class, I can now better understand their intent. So this project did help me understand myths better. And I'm surprised. I'm surprised that this is even a requirement. I don't ever remember about learning such a wide array of myths when I was in school. of course we learned about Greek mythology but These myths are so diverse. Some of the people in these myths even look like me. So I'm taking all of this in consideration for my future students.

Now on to the process of creating a website. It was the most frustrating experience I've suffered through in a long time. of my week! I even cried when at 4:20pm on Friday my computer froze as I was about to post the link to my myth. This makes me feel as if I'm totally incompetent when it comes to technology and that will not do! So in my free time I will be learning how to create websites and sharpening my computer skills. I need to fully grasp these concepts so that i can reach my students where they are.

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