Is Gay the new Black? Undercover? R-E-S-P-E-C-T!!! Share

My initial answer to that question? Hell NO!

But then I heard some of the comments and really looked at the homosexual right now I can say I dont know? Is Gay the New Black from a civil rights perspective? For me, the jury is still out...

However, I do believe that for SOME PEOPLE, hear me SOME, SOME, meaning not all and a small percentage, gay is the new black like little black dress black. Like the new "it" thing that some people are doing to either stand out, gain acceptance, or vent unsolved issues, problems, and emotions.

But on a deeper level, it can be an outcry for help. Like think about it, soooooooooooo many women suffer from Daddy issues. Is it far fetched to say that some of these fatherless boys/men are suffering the same thing. TO ME, meaning my opinion, what I THINK, is that the undertone or the underlying feelings in some Gay men, not their actions (gay men can be masculine in the way they carry themselves), is a need to feel nurtured by a man. Like they want what women who did not have fathers want. To be nurtured, loved, and gain acceptance from a man. It just makes sense to me and I really feel for them.

It's so sad to me though. Think about any r&b/rap male artist that is relevant in our time, i wont list names, but think about it. Most of them are surrounded by rumors of being gay. Or what about the church....sooooooooooooooo
ooooooooo many unmanyl-might be gay-i'm going through-undercover men in the church. Some say it's a power thing, some say its a spirit, it may be a mixture of a lot of things. i dont know! But there has to be a solution. Who the heck am I supposed to marry if all the men are gay?

And then they hide it, get married, have the nerve to have kids, and then want to "come out". Dont use me as your experiment if you know you gay. Let's be friends. I can still love you if you are gay and i wont put it out there if you dont want everyone to know, but I won't respect you if you are hiding it from me and hurting me and my friends just to see if you can make it work. So I guess my bottom line is, I dont really care where the Gay comes from. I dont accept Gay a good or it thing but I love you. Just be real with yourself first of all, then me, and we can work through it, IF YOU WANT. If not, I won't force it. I will let you be you. Just give any lady you think you are about to date the chance. Dont let her really fall in love with a representation of who she thinks you are when you KNOW what's really up.

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