Stranded!-The story of an almost tragic day!

Written: Thursday, April 9, 2009 at 10:59am

Okay so here it goes. I wasn’t going to tell anyone because it is sooooooooooo embarrassing but as I look back it is sooooooooo Camile! Lol. I am an admitted mess! So yesterday my day went so well! Until about 6pm!!! I went to Morning Prayer and got in the word at Starbucks. And God really spoke to me through his word just about practical everyday stuff. So I felt refreshed when I went to work. Once I got to work, there was really nothing to do because it’s spring break so my co workers and I just made small talk until our focus group. Our focus group began at 11am and it was kinda boring but my job ordered pizza and salad for us so I got free lunch! Then some of my friends came to visit! They stayed at my job for like 2 hours and just hung out!


I went to work out with my trainer at 6pm. I parked by him and left my purse in the car but I had me keys and my phone in my hand. When I got to the track, there were so many people there so I didn’t want to just have my phone and my keys laying around. So I told my trainer I’d put them in his backpack so no one would take it! I don’t remember him answering but after I put my belongings safely away, my trainer proceeded to make me jog countless laps. Then he made me do all these exercise to where my arms and legs felt like jelly! I could barely walk after. But praise God I made it through that! I’m on the ground ready to do my last exercise of the day. ABS! but I notice that the bag that safely hold my belongings is gone!

Me: Trainer where is my backpack?

Trainer: What backpack?

Me: The backpack I put my keys and phone in! you’re backpack.

Trainer: Camile I never bring a backpack out here! That wasn’t my backpack! (and he’s laughing as he says this!)

Me: Oh my God what am I going to do. My phone and my keys! I can’t even get into my car or call anyone. Oh no! oh no! oh no!

Luckily my trainer’s 1st client was leaving right before I got there and he had a backpack. So the trainer asked him to look in the backpack for my stuff. It wasn’t there! Wrong backpack!

So I’m freaking out by this point. A total stranger had my stuff! I have NO spare key and no way to reach anyone. I don't know ANYONE's number by heart. My trainer is laughing and giggling and calling me a dork. I’m crying and paniking and praying really hard! I make my trainer drive around and look for a person who we saw running at the track. I keep calling my phone but OF COURSE it’;s on silent so there’s no indicator to the backpack holder that these foreign objects are even in his backpack! And to make things worse, my trainer has an ancient treo so each time I try to make a new call the screen goes black! And it’s making me cry more because I’m so freaking frustrated! So I pray harder like Lord this is something that ONLY you can work out. I need a miracle! I call my mom crying and she starts crying because she’s a mom and there’s nothing she can do! This situation just seemed tragic. So I call the only mutual friend that my trainer and I share but he lived far so I called my other friend and he was on his way to pick me up.

I’m laying in the back of my trainer’s truck crying and yelling at him because he doesn’t think I hear him giggling when this little Asian man that I didn’t even notice on the track comes walking up. He looks at me and I guess sees the panic on my face and pulls my phone out of his pocket like SURPISE!

Me: Oh thank you so much! Oh my God thank you! Can I give you a hug?

SO I gave him a hug, thanked God and got in Roleesha!

I open my phone so I can tell the friend never mind and I see all these texts from my mom.

#1 “Please help!”

#2 “ Please help! Stranded!”

#3 “ Please help! Stranded at the track! Left phone in your backpack at the track!”

I just laughed so hard at these text messages and the whole absurdity of this situation! I couldn’t believe it happened but I was grateful that God quickly answered my prayer and that some rude heartless person didn’t find my stuff!

But I learned something. I had to really walk in blind faith while I prayed through that situation. There was no other option but to expect God to move. I couldn’t come up with a solution on my own because there was no other alternative. I need to always trust God like I did yesterday!

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