I love you but STOP!

I do not look up to you. I'm sorry to say it but in this area, I do not see your life and say to myself "Wow! I wish I could be like you in this area."  If I did, please believe that I'd let you know...I promise you that I would. So I would truly appreciate it if you'd stop giving me the advice that I did not ask for.

I have so much life to live. Man....I get excited just thinking about all that I've done but more so, the future and especially the now.  Never in a million years would I have thought I'd be in this place in my life, learning the lessons that I am learning.  I am both grateful and humbled to be learning these lessons.  And with these lessons, come a wisdom that can only be acquired through quiet time with God, observation of all those in my circle, and constantly checking in with myself.  So with this admission, I do not by any means think I know it all. But if I need answers or have a problem, I am the FIRST to seek them because I want to be my best me!

 Yes we have those times when we  need a friend to jilt us or shake us for a destructive behavior but that is very different from someone forcing their ideals and advice on you.  I mean just because you have done something like say, have a baby, does not mean I want/need advice from you.  Doing something or acquiring something does not make you the authority on that thing.  So I find it funny when someone feel the need to sit me down to tell me about my life and then bring GOD into really need to stop.

The bottom line is that one does not necessarily have to admire someone or look up to them and it is rude to assume that people want your advice when it isn't asked for.

I am truly sorry if this sounds naggy but this has been on my mind! Whew that felt great to get out!


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