Do I Really Want It?

Okay so here I stand looking at the scale...and again is says I weigh the same.  I've lost the same 15 pounds THREE times.  And I always end back at this point, but never any smaller.  I feel as if I know what it will take and some days I am willing to do it.  But then there are those other days...

You know the days I'm  refereing to!  The days that make you want to eat chocolate!

For example, all the teachers decide to call out on the same day, so you are stuck subbing  2 dozen extra unruly kids! CHOCOLATE!!!

This guy that you like is tripping yet again sending you all these mixed signals because he's been hurt before and doesn't realize that you aren't his ex....CHOCOLATE!!!

Getting your period twice in one month? CHOCOLATE + anything fried lol

But things in life will always come up that want to hinder me from reaching this goal.  Like today, I'm sick! But with my nose running, throat sore, and head foggy, I am going for a run/walk. Why? Because I can't let life deter me from this goal.  So I will be putting my scale up for a while.  And I will be working out through whatever life brings because I can do this!

I want to declare that this is the LAST time I see this number on my scale!!!! (That's my determination face!)



AtruHollywood said...
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AtruHollywood said...

Congrats on reaching your first goal cam. Keep it up! JUST SAY NO to chocolate! Stay motivated! Ps... tell nobody that I blog!! LOL