OOH! You Ain't 'Gon worry me!

Let me say that again! YOU will NOT worry me. And yes ain't is in the title...I said it as I stare lovingly at my B.A. in English (hehehe).


Do you have those people whose mission in life is to get under your skin? I mean the simplest things take forever. Like the type of person who doesn't call once to confirm an appointment but calls like 5 times! And then one simple question turns into a saga. I want to just say, can you stop! I got it....OR they call you multiple times, within the same hour of course, as if you don't have a life of your vary own...

Or what about the people who call you, leave a voice message, text, and message you on all your social networking sites? hahhahaha

Well I declare that I will not be bothered by these folk in my life! I have mastered the art of ignoring! Yaaaaaaaaaaaay! These people have obviously been misinformed that my life revolves around them, so I hope that my actions, or lack there of will correct the confusion.

How do you handle your bagaboos?



The MANChild Swagga said...

Thanks for expressing and sharing - I can totally empathize with you here. I think that bagaboos are probably best handled on a case by case basis, but the general rule of thumb in my book is to ignore the mess to eliminate the stress.

Easier said than done of course.

Great post. Is this a 'virtual' vent?

Ms. Camile said...

Ha! Virtual vent...oh yes. I thought I'd gotten rid of all my bugaboos. They rattle my nerves so I had to write them back to normal! Thanks for the comment.