Swaying in the wind..

Feeling just a little discouraged..*sigh* I'm new to this whole blogging thing. I love it thought. Both the writing aspect and emerging myself into the different communities.  But it just sucks when I come across a blog that has major support, many followers, but is spewing hate or nonsensical bullhocky! OH that chaps my hide (hahha I sound old but I don't curse anymore or try really, really hard not to lol)!!! These people have the platform and they have these dumb yuppies agreeing and hanging on their very word expecting to get enough attention so that they can be added to the Blog Roll. I will never sell out as a blogger. I may be new but I am not dumb! I don't care if no one ever reads my stuff if it means I will have to compromise on me. I am me and I'm not asking anyone to adopt my beliefs but I do hope that my voice will be heard.  But I know that everything happens for a reason. If I am blessed enought to gain as vast following cool. If not, cool. I will tell nithing but the truth.

I am Camile.
I am a Christian.
I pray. 
I am Black.
I love Black men.
I want to marry a Black man.
I will marry a Black man.
I'm not a Democrat.
I'm not a Republican.
I won't have sex until marriage.
AND I'm not apologizing for any of it or explaining my stance.



luvlymskrissy said...

you know what, I hate that too. I've been blogging for awhile now and I find that people who blog about the dumbest things or the most insignificant things have the most people hanging off their every word. I also dislike how everyone in their comment section seem to be a bunch "yes men" Like everything they blog about is always spot on. But that's why sometimes I don't leave comments because my view won't be popular with the group and alot of times people really don't want to hear the truth anyway *shrug* keep doing you. Don't compromise. Blogging should be about you and only you. Don't do it for the followers. Do it because it's something you enjoy doing. Put it in the universe and people will read it. I don't think many people read my blog. But that's not why I write anyway *shrug*

Bella said...

*thumbs up* for this post! :) keep doin you!

Ms. Camile said...

thank you too! ANd I agree. I can only be me lol.

Reggie said...

Be true to yourself, it's the best thing to be.

Anyone should respect that.