This post already sounds so fat! lol

Yesterday, the kids were acting UP! Before Ms. M. (the lunch lady) could even rest up, they were back for seconds. They received a donut JUST an hour before lunch for their special "snack" because one of the kids wanted to do something special for the school. Then they turned around and had chili dogs, chips, and orange slices. And usually, when they are back for seconds, she is up right away, catering to their wants of more food.  But yesterday, she just sat there.  And as I was in and out of the kitchen, I saw the kids grow restless and of course a fight broke out lol. Not a real fight, but play fighting.  So Ms. M banished them from the kitchen and refused their request for seconds. This was too funny because she always threatens to do it but this was her first time following through!

They shouldn't be getting seconds anyway! This is lunch, not a full buffet! They are taking advantage of the private school system. So I, being amused by this, chuckle a bit and start gathering my things in preparation to exit when I'm stopped by a student.  He whispers, "Ms. Camile, can you please give us seconds?" Hahahhaha Yeah right! Kids really try to play you.  And he tried to whisper it, maybe thinking that I didn't hear Ms. M. say NO! Well I did and I refused as well. And then I I wonder if they got those seconds...hmm...

In other foody news, What the heck is KFC thinking with those two dang chicken breast with cheese and bacon in the middle?  That's way too fat for me! I've been slipping lately too. I had CHURCH'S chicken Saturday which is the fattest stuff ever! lol I actually don't eat their chicken because it's TOO greasy but that okra and honey biscuit was calling my name. But I was SOO mad! Why was my biscuit hard as a rock? lol  I could play baseball with that bad boy. Then on Saturday night, I went to Elephant Bar, and that food was nasty too.  The Spinach dip was slimy, the shrimp tasted like they'd come from a whales butt, and the Chips were a tad stale.  When you are going to have a cheat day (or weekend lol), it is a requirement that the food be good! I hate wasting my freaking calories.  SO I just took that as a sign that I need to lay off the "cheat" moments.  *Sigh*

I see you goal! Sorry for losing sight of you yet again! I tried on the jeans that are closest to you. They are getting up there but they won't button. So goal, I am about to go work out just for you okay!  Hope I see you by August k? Okay!

*7:42am *
OOH I didn't work out! I took a really long and hot shower instead. Goal, don't be mad. I'll work out tonight! Scouts honor lol.


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that food sure looks good