Restore Me

Man! Some awesome things happened today.  Just when I am at the end of myself, God always shows me that I can't give up.  In this phase of my life (and everyday after), I just want to be excellent. I want to be great! I want to be who he said I should be. At this point in  my life, I need to hush the voice that whispers and sometimes screams, "You aren't good enough," or, "You will never make it!" VOICE, I'm ignoring you!  I will make it. I am making it. It just isn't going to be easy.

Easy is...well...easy.  Not much effort, not much reward (or at least a reward that lasts).  I want great things.  I want the things that will last through generations.  Legacy...not only for my children but my great grans to the inth power.  In difficult situations is where I am finding God.  For the better part of "my walk" I've been doing the same things and pretty much getting the same results.  With my weight loss, I had a little system but it was flawed.  Nothing that I'm trying is working anymore. The amount and depth of word time nor the 30 minute stints of working out....Time to go hard!

In this season I am seeing and feeling the need for growth and change in how I approach Him.  Much given, Much required. Much given! MUCH required. So I'm shoring up and girding myself for the hard things. But it's so worth it!

God is healing, God is mending
Oh Lord, restore my soul
He is moving the bar
Setting it higher than I could ever reach before
But he told me, I will do the work
You be vessel
I be God
You be clay
I be Potter
Oh Lord, mold my soul
Move me and shake me
I'm open, free, and willing
Claim me
Stamp me
I'm ready for them to all know
Oh Lord, bless my soul!

God did so much yesterday....I need to write it all down. But everything ain't for everybody...The word I KEEP hearing in the spirit is "shhhhhhhhh" lol. Off to my journal I go!!!



Beautiful said...

Amen! I just got an awesome feeling inside reading that!

Love you!

Ms. Camile said...

Aww thanks! I felt an awesome feeling when God began ti mind my broken spirit!