Narcissistic: And You're Killing Me!!!

Dang! (OOH I WANNA CURSE!) Must you make everything about you!? Aren't you tired of hearing about yourself? I am. Sheesh. How do you do it? I mean if I were as self centred as you, I'd want to know how you turn each and every conversation into a self glorification session.  I mean every story you tell ends with you being the nice one, the victim, or the victor.  And I know when you are about to do it.  You put on this fake humble demeanor, head down, lick your lips, and then you tell the story of how you were wronged or how someone didn't listen to you and they should have because all you wanted to do was save their life. Oh just gag me and stab me! *let's out scream*

You are never the problem and that's the problem.  You create situations where everything revolves around you and it's making me sick.  "Well I would do." "Well in that situation I.." You're a male Tyra Banks. SMH. I want to say something but I think that the rooms of silence when you begin talking should let you know something.  It ain't respect. It's people saying "This nigga right here!!!"

And if the attention is off of you for just ONE second, you find a way to bring it back to you. Answering simple questions like, When was the last time someone helped you? Promotes you to rant about how it started off as them helping you but then in the end they say that they were the one who really needed the help? And in the end they were so grateful? First of all, you didn't really answer the question. And second, THE QUESTION WASN'T FREAKING ABOUT YOU!!!!  *Let's out a louder scream*

And the fact that you think you know EVERYTHING! This is the one that chaps my freaking hide. Even when I'm not talking to you, you answer all my questions and you answer them wrong!  Then I'm angry Black Girl for shutting yo butt down because I wasn't talking to you in the first place, you heard ONE word I said in the question that WASN'T PRESENTED TO YOU,  and you are answering it out of context.  You're a leech.  When you aren't saying your whack stories about cho dang self, you are hovering like a vulture seeking which conversation you can devour in order to manipulate it to be yet another ME show.

Sigh...I am just bothered. And this situation has been exasperated, why? Because I can't say any of this ish to the person because IT WILL NOT COME OUT IN LOVE, as I'm supposed to confront people in love.  That's what the bible says.  But I can't right now because my level of annoyance is off the scale.   This is not the week for me. I just hate when people talk about how much they are changing when they really aren't. Lord help me to still my tongue and to get these feelings of malice out of my spirit!

OOh this blog is not supposed to be a diary but it is so helping me. I fell better already! Yaaaaaaaay!

Today will be better than yesterday, Thank you Jesus.



25champ said...

It's okay 2 get it off of ur chest.. we all need to vent sometimes. Sometimes u have 2 give people tough love and that's telling them what it is. U are still approaching them with love it's just not what they want to hear. You're a male Tyra Banks Wow i thought I was the only one who thought she was self centered... I alwayz thought she was trying to hard on her show it just didn't feel natural 2 me. Good Read!

Brittany said...

This is convicting. Like narcissism is real. I feel you on so many levels because I have been the receiver of someone's narcissism, but I've also been the giver too many times to count. I agree with 25champ, whoever it is they need tough love, and you cannot let the person go on in narcissism if you love them. Call it out because it's their soul on the line. They are blessed to have a friend or relative like you who knows the word and calls them out.