Fallen, Broken, Hopefully Restored

I was listening to a radio broadcast and the pastor said a major fall begins with one small breaking of a rule.  Once you commit one sin, it's so easy to commit the next.  Why is this so true? It's so very easy to fall into a trap of "Well just this one time"  and then u look up and your life is ruined.

We've all heard the whisperings about Tye Tribbett's (and Da Truth's) infidelities.  And ANYONE who knows me, knows that Tye is my one!  He preaches the gospel in his music and the message is never compromised by "worldly" beat and lyrics in my opinion (accept for that wretched  Good in the Hood madness).  Man, Tye's music along with the G.A. choir had ministered to me on many an occasion and helped to bring me through hard times.  Look up, Son of Man, Chasing After You....sigh. And BETTER than the music was his clear and to the point way of preaching the gospel.  I was so very blessed to see him preach and was blown away by the interpretation of the scripture. 

(See how happy I am with Tye and some friends last year at Knott's Gospel)

SO when I tell you that my little heart is/was so broken over this whole thing. MAN! I'm like ok everyone falls but Tye NOT YOU and DA Truth, not you because he had a similar message but I wasn't into him like that because I don't like rap.

Anyway, I was hurt!  This is just an example though that no matter where you are, you can fall and the higher you go, if your ego is not in check, you will fall.  Now I still support Tye.  But just think about how many people were repelled from the gospel and Jesus because TYE preached it but could not live it (at that point in his life), so NOW they don't trust GOD and can't believe in Jesus.  More than the news that G.A. would be no more (as of Dec 2009) which means no more albums (arrrrrrrgh because they were getting better and better, each new one topped the last), I was hurt by the impact that the fall would have on the shallow believers, the ones who don't get that it's about the God in the man and not the man he is using to get the message across. 

Tye fell hard and I don't know why God saw fit to allow that to happen.  But I know that I'm learning from it. But I do wish and hope that Tye will say SOMETHING, but nevertheless, I am glad that he took his sabbatical and I truly hope that he is living a repented life.  But even if he isn't, I'm seeking to live a Godly and sanctified life.  Nipping "small" sin in the bud.  Not saying that I will never fall because I do daily BUT when you are in constant commune with God, you repent daily and self check often so some BIG sin can't just fall in your lap.  If it's there and you get caught, you invited that mess in.

Two things to remember:

1.  Just because you sin and fall short, God will NEVER change his mind about your gift.  So you can be a hot doggone mess and still be used but that also doesn't mean that God will not deal with you.

2.  As you grow in God, you (flesh, your desires, your ego) go lower, you become more humble, NOT puffed up.  God in us means more of Him and less of us so if you are all you hear in your ears, if you are the authority, then of course God cannot be.



25champ said...

We are not immune to the trials and tribulations of life. I don't believe God allowed anything to happen to Tye. He picked is own path which was oposite of God at the time. I truly believe that he will bounce back in time. All of God's deciples fell short of their calling at one point and as you know God is full of second chances. In life we struggle with our on personal demons and that's why God has so much a high demand for you dedication and devotion, but the minute u try to handle life on ur own for even just a second u will fall and sometimes it's one that can reshape ur life. Thanks 4 sharing! Great Post.

AtruHollywood said...

Cant say that I was aware of the TYE debacle however, I have to go along with 25champ. I think that TYE may have thought that "he had this" started to think he knew a little more than he did. Hopefully his errors will bring him some humility and allow him to win the personal battle within himself and get back on the path paved by God

Ms. Camile said...

Amen and I agree with both of u. We all have those moments and then we have to fall flat on out butts to remember that we can NEVER do it alone.

But just to clarify, I'm not saying that God ALLOWED him to cheat on his wife and do all that debauchery in his life but SO many sins get punished quietly. God could have shaped it to were there was no public humiliation. Sometimes I sin and God is like ok get this area together before I do, and when I don't he has to chastise me. Chastisement can be done in private or in public. God allowed his chastisement to be done in public.

Reggie said...

Cam there are no perfect men, only perfect intentions.

dutch84 said...

"As you grow in God, you (flesh, your desires, your ego) go lower, you become more humble, NOT puffed up."

I'm still working on this. I'm praying for the grace to let God take control. This post was just a reminder. Great job!