My Kids

My last couple of posts have been so heavy so let me write about something light and fluffy. MY KIDS!

I love those little people.  They are funny and crazy and they tell us ALL their business.  Here are a few conversations.

"Ms. Camile, I think they do drugs over there.  I always smell it." (speaking of the "car wash" *side eye next door. YES the school is in the hood complete with drug purchases and prostitutes and a very angry looking pimp)
"You do?"
"YEP! It smells like crack!!!"
"Yes Ms. Camile, I always smell the crack. They smoke crack over there."
"Boy it does not smell like no crack! How do you even know that crack had a smell? It smells like weed."
"Oh yeah. Well isn't weed crack?"

Lol well I guess a drug is a drug to a kid!

"Ms. Camile I will do my homework but I have to bring it next time because I won't be here tomorrow.  My mama ex boy friend died and I have to sing at his funeral," Says my 6 year old student.
"Oh no. Are you sad?"
"NO! I did NOT like him Ms. Camile.  He was always trying to tell me what to do! They was supposed to get married but they not! He was always saying 'blah blah blah!" And he was in the hospital but he dead now! I am not sad!"
"Uh...okay." *holds laughter* "Well he's dead now. You can be sad, all the bad stuff is over. A life was lost."
"I'm not sad! When people die you are supposed to be happy! When my mam die Imma be happy because she's gonna be with God! So I'm happy that he is dead Ms. Camile!"
"Well okay...If that's how you feel." *shrugs*

"Ms. Camile, you're going to be my teacher next year because I don't want Ms. M!"
"Uh, no I'm not unless you get held back."
"Well i guess I'm getting held back then."

"WHY didn't you do your homework?"
"I had to eat dinner."

"Where's your homework?"
"I brought it! It's in the bucket."
"No it isn't. Did you bring your homework?"
"It's not here. Did you bring it?"
"It's not here and we don't lose stuff so where is it? Did you bring it and don't lie!"
"WHO are you getting loud with? You didn't bring your homework! Will you bring it tomorrow?"
"So you will bring it tomorrow huhn?"
"I brought it."
"You're lying and your about to get in trouble. I can't believe you are lying like this. Bring that homework tomorrow." Now I was bluffing but look what came out...
"I did my homework but my mama friend was cleaning up and I told her not to touch my homework but she threw it away. I TOLD her to leave my homework on the table."
"So you did your homework but you didn't bring it?"
"So you didn't bring your homework?"
"I didn't."

OOH you just don't know how mad I was after looking for her homework for at least 20 minutes.  This little heff had me look for her homework on Monday and another teacher looking on Friday.  This was the homework that was given for Thursday night.  She stuck to that lie boy. I knew she was lying so I had to break her down! I've found that the trick is getting them to admit it twice lol.  I Love these kids but boy are they a handful.



25champ said...

Kids say the funniest It seems like they have no problem opening up 2 u so atleast they have someone if they don't have it at home. Good Read!

Ivonnah said...

Ugh! I've been posting under my gmail account for my friends bridal shower?? lol

I have tears, kids don't even know how funny they are