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Okay so no one is perfect. We are all striving to be good people (hopefully). But when you face certain situations, you may not always have the best solution or way of addressing it. Here are a few situations where I just don't know what to do or how to act or what to say!!!

I'm such a punk when it comes to this! I mean bill companies have no problem with calling you over and over when you owe them money. WHY can't I ask people for the money that they owe me? I feel as if people KNOW when they owe you! *Shrugs.*

Oh God, I've mentioned this in a few posts, but stinky people! Arrrggggh! It just perplexes me. YOU should smell yourself before anyone else. And then you should go take care of that. I lost a friend before because I told her she was stinky, but in such a nice way! So in this situation I feel as if you can't win for losing. And then what if they have an internal problem that causes them to have the odor? You may exasperate an already sensitive and tumultuous situations by mentioning something that they've been working on already.

How do you tell someone that they are selfish when you, yourself have selfish moments. It is human nature to be selfish! But I just really hate when people lie to themselves and make it seem as if they have everyone else's well being in mind when in all actuality they do things to receive complements and accolades. Fake humble...smh. What do you do with these people. Pray and hope that they'll get it?

I'm still working on how I address these situations. You want to tell the truth in love but sometimes it may come out to harsh. Words, they do cut!

I told my student that he couldn't play outside because he did not complete his homework.  He asked me if he could go outside and sit on the bench so I said yes.  But instead of just sitting on the bench, you know he played right?  So I told my 2nd grader to write me a letter explaining why he disobeyed (his grammar and spelling) .
Dear Ms. Camile,

I am sorry for playing I did something wrong to you to you I didn't think I was soposed to play but this is why I'm writing you this leter because I'm sorry for disrespecting you for playing but to day I will respect you and tomorrow I will respect you and I am sorry.

2nd Grade Boy

Kids...gotta love em!



25champ said...

I try not to get in the owe me money situation wit friends. If I got I give it, but I count it as a lost until u suprises me cause I understand that most of the time they had good intentions on giving it back, but got caught up.

Stinky people u did what all u could do in that situation.

Reggie said...

I hate loaning people money, that's the quickest way to lose friends. On the rare occasions that I loan someone money, I don't ask for it back. If they don't give it back to me, then I don't feel bad about saying no next time. When I say it's a rare occasion for me to loan money; trust me, I do that about as often as an eclipse. I don't like to call myself cheap, but I don't have a problem when I say that I'm very careful with money.

Stinky people get on my nerves. If I can smell you, you can smell you. I know someone that takes a bath once a week, whether they need it or not.