Bridezilla: But it Ain’t my Fault

And just after I read my bible, I called to order my “free” wedding dress that I won at a bridal show.   Now originally the owner said I could choose any dress from the Casablanca Bridal line.  And they have such beautiful dresses.  *Contented sigh*.  I should have gotten that in writing!  Of course, when I get up (there all the way to Lancaster no less, 1 and 30+ drive), the story changes.  It was like he was mad that I had won the dress.  Maybe business isn’t doing all that good for him but you shouldn’t short change people.  So I go up there and they have no dresses that I can try on from the small selection that they say I can choose from.  Oh and of course I can only choose from last season’s dresses.  How messed up is that?  But the most messed up part is that from the dresses I could choose, they didn’t have not one of them in the shop!  I guess they were too old to keep around!  And the bridal consultant was as dingy as they come.  She didn’t size me or help me put on the dresses.  My sister Cherise helped me.  They also had no undergarments which to me is unheard of for a dress shop.  WTH?  SMDH!  OOH I’m so mad!  And of course my mom was ready to bring Compton to Antelope Valley but we all stayed pretty much in check.  I left that horrid dress shop pissed, let down, and ready to go elsewhere for THE dress but I’m no dummy so I also had a list in hand of dresses I could choose from and told him I’d call back with my decision.

So today I call back and try to place my order with the lady.  She tells me I have to order my dress in a size 20 because she SIZED ME and that’s what she feels I am.  She sized me?  She didn’t help us not one bit.  I almost came through the phone right then.  Now you must order formal gowns/dresses a size or two bigger than your actual size in most cases.  I’m no dummy so I know this. But what her dumb butt didn’t know is that I had already talked to the owner about my weight loss and he okayed ordering the dress in a size 14.  I am currently a 14/16 and plan on continuing to lose weight.  Yeah I’ve been working it out and now that the hubby is on bored, it’s been much easier.  I’ve already lost 3 pounds. Yay!  So my weight loss has been progressive.  I don’t care how many brides she has seen NOT lose the weight.  Camile Jene’ does what she says and Imma do this. 

Anyway, she said she had to talk to the owner and she’d have him call me back.  But I couldn’t get over the fact that she actually thought she helped so you know I had to call back and here’s how that conversation went.

“Hello, Bridal Place.  This is Jody speaking.”
YES I’m using the real names.  Not that any of you would chose this place but hey, who wouldn’t try to redeem a free dress?!
“Yes this is Camile. Are you the person who “helped” us when we came in?”
“Yes,” she said with such cheer!
“So you think you helped me?  You just sat there while my sister and I tried on the dresses.  I have already lost 40 lbs and if you order my dress a size 20 then it will be way too big.   And when did you size me? I don’t recall that?”
“Well I saw you try on the six 18 and you couldn’t zip it.”
“I didn’t choose to zip it because I didn’t like it!  You weren’t there when I tried on the size 16 and it fit.  You'd know that if you were actually helping us!"
“Well we have to order the dress the size you are now.”
“GIRL YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT SIZE I AM NOW!  You didn’t help us and I already talked to Ken about the size.   You just sat there.  So you have no say in this.“
“SO YES  have Ken call me back.  And if he doesn’t call me back within the hour I will call back.  Thank you!”

And then I hung up.  How much bamboozlement can one take?  I’m a pretty nice person but I hate when people treat me like doo-doo on a stick!  I am not the type of Black person who feels that all white people are racist.  I have too many people that I LOVE of all races, shapes, and sizes but these white people fit that bill and that hurts because I was SO nice and if they would have played it right, I would have been so grateful that I would have urged all 12 of my bridesmaids to get their gowns from there as well!  I know I’m not being paranoid.  *shrugs* some people….
I promised I wouldn’t be a Bridezilla through all of this but if people are gonna act like this?  I don’t know what they can expect from me.  If I’m going to just settle and settle then I may as well not even continue with planning this wedding. 
But something good did come out of this!  I found the most beautiful Maggie Sottero gown.  *flutters eye lids*  OH it was so pretty. It had pockets and diamonds on it! I will be finding a shop asap that can accommodate my need to try that dress on! I WILL find the perfect dress! 



Brittany said...

Sista, I have been watching Bridezillas for a few years now and I have to say that they is no where near the worse story I have seen or heard. I just want to encourage you to think about Jesus dying on that cross for your sins and the mercy and grace he showed on calvary. Pray for those people and definitely try to get some vendors who are highly recommended in the future. You are not a bridezilla. Don't put that distinction on yourself and you won't become it. Just like life isn't perfect, your wedding plan and day are not going to be perfect and i have seen and/or participated in over a hundred weddings. Love ya much!

Reggie said...

Camile Jene’ say what you mean and mean what you say!!