Nothing Much!

My husband is snoring...

*stabs self in both ears*

he only snores when he's dog tired and laying on his back.  And if I'm not sleep before him I spend time (until I fall asleep) pushing him onto his side so that he can shut that noise! Lol. Snoring is the worst thing ever.  But what can you do?

Nothing much has been going on.  Just trying to make myself be constant.  It's been so hard for me to stay on top of things.  Like I need some drive, a kick in the butt, and espresso IV... Sadly the hype of the New Year has not pushed me into overdrive.  I need and event to get ready for or something lol

Truthfully I know why and where this under-zealous attitude has taken over me.  Don't know what I can do to fix it though.  Such is life.  Sometimes you feel like and nut and sometimes ya dont!



Reggie said...

When my wife goes to snoring I'll usually pinch her in her sleep or turn her and try to hurry up and go to sleep myself.

Truth be told, she's got the capacity to shake the shutters at times.

Ms. Camile said...

lol that's funny! As long as I fall asleep before him I'm good!

How've you been Reggie?