Babies, Babies, Babies! AAAAAAGGGGGGGH!!!

Everyone's having Babies! Bri had a baby! So cute and chubblie (chubby/cuddly). Jackie, Candice, and Kim all had babies in December.  A few friends of friends had babies and there are about 5 women who I know are pregnant.  Sheena, one of my best friends/sis is having twins, Michael and Zion (boy and girl), Danielle my sis and friend is having a Lil baby and keeping it a mystery but we all think it's a boy! And the list goes on: Stephany H., Stephanie of Jeff and Steph, Toiya, Danielle J., Rhea's sister, and I'm sure I'm missing some!  All these new mommies and future mommies.
                                                             (Sheena, Michael, and Zion)
                                                                      (Dani and Peanut)

And Sheena and Danielle have the nerve to be having their baby showers on the same day! They want to kill me. lol And Dani just sent a message through a mutual friend that I better be at her shower the WHOLE time. Smh because the showers begin at the same time! What is I gon' do? February 5th will be an interesting day. And Sheena just told me that my assignment when the babies are born is to make sure people wash their hands before they touch them! lol I can Do that.

But as for me....
NO babies on board for me and no plans of having one anytime soon.  It's come close about 3 times. The last episode is where I learned my lesson! In fact I'm thanking God for these cramps and heavy flow that I'm proudly suffering through as we speak! Never have I prayed so hard for my period to come.  The honeymoon is officially over for me.  I love O and would eventually love to mother his children, but he's just as happy that I'm not pregnant because I drove him completely INSANE those 2 long days that I thought I was pregnant.  I mean I tossed and turned all night, cried, reminded him of the times he didn't cooperate in our no babies initiative...But THANK YA LORD!

Everyone keeps saying that I'm next and at first I was like awwwwwww a baby!  Started thinking of names and all that! I can't even believe that I was flirting with having a baby! Am I crazy lol.  What's funny is that I would love to be a mother one daty but this time when I thought I was pregnant I realized that I don't want to be a mother right now!The rationale is that I'm already married and "doing it right" but so?  I'm 24. I have many years to have a baby.  I'm snapped out of it now!  I have a wedding dress to fit into, a career to launch...Babies have to come later.  Hopefully much later.  I'm thinking 30.  That gives me 5 more years to play lol.  I'm still learning myself.  I want to work and as for me, I will not be working full time once the kiddies come! I will be a full time mommy.  No daycare madness.  And as you can see, there are plenty of babies for me to babysit.  How I'm feeling right now, like pregnancy is contagious, I may never have sex again! I'm prepared to run, hide, fake headaches lol. NO babies!



Brittany said...

Ooooh How I love this one! Girrrrrrl, you better make sure you're not pregnant cause half them women on "I didn't know I was pregnant" had their period during pregnancy and took at least one pregnancy test while pregnant and it was negative. 7 months later, poof! hahaha Now you see why I keep mine closed. Let everyone else have the babies now.

Ms. Camile said...

lol right! But I had a serious period not mere spotting

Reggie said...


Babies......doctors know what causes that condition nowadays, so I think I'll just take the zero instead.