Guy Friends

Me: Hahahahahaha 

Him: What's funny?

Me :Just laughing at this text.

Him: From who? 

Me: My friend Robert

Him: Another guy friend? 

Us: Silence

Lol So I have a  lot of guy friends.  I don't even talk to all of them all the time but when I do, O is like dang another one?  Hey! I don't JUST have a lot of guy friends, I have a lot of FRIENDS, period.  I told him this.  He's just mad because he has like 3 friends lol and 2 of them live out of state. But I don't go hang out and all that.   So what have I  been doing to ease his mind?  Making him talk to my closest guy friends, not responding to texts from guys after a certain time, and reminding him that I HAVE A LOT OF FRIENDS. There's no way he will be able to remember them all.  And I'm asking him to listen more.  Sometimes I will tell a story and he will be like, "Who are they?"  I'm like, those are the people we hung out with last weekend. Smh...The adjustments we make in marriage!  But it's all worth it.

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25champ said...

It's def a compromise. As long as u r up front I dnt c the problm but make sure u keep those boundaries.