Thanksgiving/Befriend a Nigerian Today!

Man! Thanksgiving was SO great. I love my families. We went to 3 houses.  First stop was my aunt's house.  Her and my mom and cousins get together and cook every year. And the food is BOMB. Taste's like grandmother's cooking. Nothing like it.  I was sad that my sister didn't make it down though.  And my aunt never fails me.  She makes peach cobbler every special holiday and it tastes the same year after year. NO one makes it as good as her. Again, it tastes just like my grandmothers. I miss you Gommie.  Wish you were here. *Smile*

Second stop was my God Family's house.  Blood could not make me closer to these people.  Every year I go and visit them around the holidays and ever since I was 16 they have made me feel like a blood relative! This side of my family is HILARIOUS! They had me laughing to tears.  And Chad, the craziest one was harassing O about our sex life.  Talking about, "Rumor has it, y'all got married so y'all could have sex!  I know y'all doin' it like rabbits.  Have you roared yet?"  Oh my God it was so embarrassing but O held his own, never one to back down  from anything lol even when I advice him to smh. It was a really good time.

Then we went to O's parent's house.  I was fun over there because his family is just as crazy as mine.  And his mom mad shrimp dressing.  It was TOO good. I was in a food coma by this time so we spent the night.

Man, there is nothing like family. Grateful to have them....

But, there is also nothing like a friend.  Monday, my car wouldn't start! *gasp*

Nothing like that has EVER happened so I was just kind of stuck.  I called O but he was in court handling business so he wasn't able to come to the rescue so AAA was my next bet.  I had some business to do for Nnamdi and VSN but with my car messing up, I had to call Nnam and let him know.  I called him trying to stay calm because he doesn't like crying but as soon as I told him my car wouldn't start the tears came.  He said, "STOP CRYING! WHY ARE YOU CRYING?!" Don't worry. He wasn't yelling. He's just naturally loud lmbo.  Then he said, "I'm on my way!"

Mean while, my coworker comes out and I tell her what's going on.  She goes and gets my boss who comes out with a print out of how to jump a car.  Needless to say, NONE of us knew what the hell we were doing lol. So they try to jump my car and it isn't working.  My boss says, "Yeah it isn't your battery but your alternator, I think."  SO now I'm REALLY panicking like Lord you know this is not in our budget. HELP!

So I call Nnam and I'm like, I should just call AAA and get it towed because my boss tried to jump it and it didn't work!  He says, "Just be patient! They didn't know what they were doing.  We can get it stated. Just hold on!"
This story is really long and my fingers are hurting so I will cut to the chase.  Nnam came and did some stuff and got the car started! He was all the way in Hollywood and came to Torrance just for little ole me.  That's a friend.  This guy is such an awesome dude.  Some people take him for granted because he's loud and his directness can be perceived as rude but if you really take the time to get to know Nnamdi, you will find that he's an awesome friend.  He understands the true essence of that word.  Not many people do.

                                                                 ( Nnam and O)



MANChild Swagga said...

I love this post, thanks for sharing. It is so easy to assume and build an impression on others, but it takes a beautiful heart to extend beyond the peripheral to see the greatness that is in each and every one of us.

LOL @ the printout - are you serious? Sorry, but that had me laughing...out...loud.

Like the new layout of your blog too. Stay strong lioness.

Reggie said...

Sounds like you had an awesome day!!!

Ms. Camile said...

Yes I did Reggie! How are you?