Dirty Draws And All!

Man, what the heck did I ever talk about before I had a husband lol.  I know this blog is not about him, solely, but I just can’t help but mention him.  It troubles me when I don’t here spouses talking about their spouses…*shrugs*

Well anyway….Man!  I feel great right now.  I’m just feeling energized.  Been working out again.  Haven’t lost anything yet, but I’m still getting these eating habits back together.  Me and the hubby both put on weight.  What’s funny is he put on more than me. I just knew it’d be the other way around.  But as we all know, men lose weight WAY easier then women.  *sigh*

Last night, we talked about exercising and just our different goals and I asked him, “So when are we going to actually work out together?”  He was all confused talking about, “Well, we do work out together.”  Do you know what this man considers working out together?  Being at the gym at the same time! lol Confusion.  So that’s the best I’m going to get out of him...for now! Ha!  I guess his presence (wherever he may be physically in the gym) will have to keep me company.  Smh.  Well at least he bought me headphones since I lost the ones for my iPod.

And you may ask, how does one lose their headphones to the iPod?  Why would the headphones even come out?  Moving! Man.  We’ve been here a month and I still have no idea where half my things are.  Probably because we haven’t gotten all our furniture yet.  Some items are still in tubs.  This is a very slow process.  One day/thing at a time.

And I am still getting asked, just about everyday, how life as a married person is.  And my new answer is, “It’s fun!”  That’s short, and sweet and hopefully won’t lead to a million more questions lol.  All I know is, I love my husband and we make each other laugh.  That’s so important. 

And on a side note, lady’s if you aren’t with a man who finds you irresistibly and utterly sexy/attractive, …he is just not it!  Same goes for the men.  She has to love and respect you from day one, dirty draws and all.  People come AS IS and if those things aren’t there, from the beginning, who’s to say that they may never come?  But why gamble? 

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