He Always Knows

Admittedly, I was on the very verge of becoming bitter. I mean I was at my wits end! How many times can you pray about something and it not get better but only get worse! Like Lord...*knock* *KNOCK* Can you hear me? It's me! Camile? And I mean...*silence* ZIP! Zilch, nada.


But God knew. He knew that yesterday I'd feel like giving up.  And he knew that I'd almost miss bible study. And at times like that, I wonder where the heck I'd be today if I didnt drag my butt, pain and all, out of the bed. I'm SO glad I went in spite of myself. I read on a friend's facebook today...wait. Before I begin paraphrasing, here's the exact quote: "There will be a point when you are not driven by inspiration alone. That's when WILL power kicks in. I'm totally at that place. Thanking God for discipline because I'm gonna finish this race."  

Man, I feel like this about MOST things. Like now that I'm married, that's such a huge part of my life  that everything  else seems extra and therefore expendable.  But I can't be flaky. So it took everything in me to get up and go to bible study. It takes everything in me to go to work, and everything in me to pretty much do anything lol. And I hate it! But last night, God truly met me at bible study. He had a word and a hug just for me! And today, everything was just easier! 

I got out the bed, went to the gym, worked out, went grocery shopping, cleaned up our home, and cooked! I mean those are normal everyday chores but when I tell you I haven't been NO GOOD! I mean NO good lol. Feeling energized today and I'm praying this will last! 

And to top it all off, someone gave me a compliment today. I mean my husband compliments me ALL the time, to the point of my blushing *blissful sigh* But today someone who NEVER compliments me without an insult at the end complimented me! NNAMDI IKECHICU OKAFOR. Probably didn't spell that right lol. That meant a lot. *tear*(sike)




inivonnahswords said...

Ugh sis! This brought tears to my eyes because that's exactly how I've been feeling! Thank you, I needed to read this!!

Ms. Camile said...

Awwwwwwwww! So glad. Man these are tough times but we will definitely get through.