Death at a Funeral. HILARIOUS!

So I wanted to vent and complain but what good would that do. I've been in a lot of physical pain but I'm not dying. I'm living my best life right now. I'm like how could the best and worse things be happening to me at the same time. I could cry, but I'd rather laugh. In fact, I've been doing a lot of laughing instead of moping and giving into the physical pain that is designed to make me want to give up, become bitter, and forsake the very God who has taken care of me, protected me, loved me, and never ever forsaken me. I see you dev and I know ya little baby tricks.  So sad moments come, but I won't let myself pitch a tent and stay there.

Laughing truly is therapy. Like take last night for instance, I wasn't feeling too hot after my work out.  Me and the hubby were watching "Death at a Funeral."  People spoke really bad about that movie and for the most part it had it's funny moments but it wasn't belly aching funny. Until they jumped the midget! If you haven't seen it, sorry for the spoiler but the midget was the Dad's gay lover and he was threatening to expose the truth to the mom (Loretta Divine) and in order to stop him, brothers Ryan and Aaron (Martin Lawrence and Chris Rock) tackled him, tied him up with a neck tie, and forced "Valium" which was really acid pills (lolololol) down his throat.  So the midget passes out and they think he's dead. They are trying to hide him in the study but Danny Glover, the handicapped uncle, needs to use the rest room.  They get him in their and Tracy Morgan has to help pull his pants down and sit him on the toilet.  Tracy's idiot self gets his hand stuck under Danny's butt and his runny boo boo gets all on Tracy's hand. So Tracy is freaking out, turns the water on full blast to rinse, and the force of the water pushes the boo boo onto his FACE! Yucky, nasty! And of course O had to rewind it. And we laughed equally hard both times.  And I just felt better after that!

This is how I see things. God has me. I am covered in His shadow. He's protecting me and he knows EVERYTHING that's going on. So in this moment of trial, I can be an example of strength and faith, OR I can  be whack and have to go through the lessons of this trial again. I choose option A.

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Anonymous said...

You are hilarious for posting this! It's inspiring to focus on the good during the tough times. Love you!