You Are MY friend...Heffa!

Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh! OOH I'm getting so mad! I had a wondrous blog typed up and ready to go! I never post pre-written blogs but I'm trying to get more organized. I guess this blog ain't gonna work like that! Yeah I said ain't gonna! I guess it's more organic this way lol....I had some good stuff in there! Man! I was telling you all about my 1st time lol....well maybe that was tmi. Heheheheheehhe. Now that I'm thinking about it, the disappearance of that blog may have something to do with my husband! He hates when I tell ANY business. I'm like, I need some sort of outlet. I know you don't tell ALL the business but if two married people were the only two people that they ever talked to, wouldn't they go crazy?  How would you solve disagreements if the two weren't able to see eye to eye? *shrugs*

Well anyway, today I'm going to talk about my FRIENDS! Or should I say, MY friends lol! Everyone who knows me, knows that I'm possessive over the people I love. Like I love them so much that of course I will share BUT I still need to feel special. Sheena and Erika understand this the most. And Rhea lol. They have been the subject of many a side eye when I feel that their fraternization with my other friends is leaving me out in the cold.  Erika calls it "Camile time" lol. Though I am continuing to grow into such a mature woman, I'm still a spoiled brat! Sigh....I love the fact that all of my friends get along though. I guess I really have a gift for fixing people up...well friendship wise anyways.  My best friend Erika loves all my friends! Though I through fits sometimes when I feel like she's NEGLECTING ME, I am really actually very happy that she gets along with my other circle of friends.  Nothing is worse than having a party or get together and people being sectioned off or clicky.  So I may through my bf's but it would really suck if my friends hated each other.

But it still doesn't help the fact that I thought I'd be loosing some of my friends once I get married.  What do all married women tell single girls when they are about to walk down the aisle?  "You can't hang out with your single friends like you used to!"  And I thought this to be true.  When my best friend  Sheena was getting married, I felt it inevitable that she'd leave me in the dust so I started shying away from her.  She had to bust me out and to this day, she hasn't stopped calling and being my friend just like old times.

The day after I got married, I had a nightmare that Erika and Briaune were best friends.  And Erika was leaving me in the dust like I tried to do Sheena lol.  This could really happen! In real life, Briaune's best friend just got married too so I guess my mind put two and two together and it resulted in the nightmare of Erika leaving me!  But I called her the next day, and she assured me that we'd still have "Camile time" lol. And dont think I'm SO self centered. We council EACH OTHER! It's just called Camile time name comes first in the alphabet? *laughs* *coughs* Stupid cold!

What I've come to realize is that friends are friends! Single, gay, fat, skinny! Whatever! If someone is your friend and you've been trusting them for advice, why would that stop for any reason?  My best friends are the reason why I am married anyway.  They helped shaped me and call me on my mess. Erika is my marriage counselor lol! Already...smh

I'm glad I have such great friends! I've really made some great choices.  I've surrounded myself with so many people who I can learn and grow from.  I would say i have TOO many friends but they are all genuine and so necessary.  That's why I'm having 14 bridesmaids.....smh. I CANNOT cut the number down.  I've tried but each one is equally important.  Thanks friends!

(My wedding photos are going to look like this lol)


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Brittany said...

My aunt Trice always says if a wife backs up and supports her husband, then who backs up and supports the wife? And the unanimous answer is OTHER WOMEN! So no things do not and should not change unless you all were never really friends in the first place. You are truly blessed with 14 real friends!