What's New? Jobs, Wedding Planning...Life

Hey people! Thank you so much to all of you who said such awesome things in my lastest blog. I needed that. I too am a little saddened that I had drama on that special day but Marriage is GREAT! And this experience is making up for all that foolishness. And I'm planning my formal wedding! Started with the guest list and wedding party today and am looking forward to meeting with my planner/best friend/maid of honor E-FLetch next week. This is going to be fun. She says this is about to be the messiest wedding planning ever because of my pre-meeting questions like..."If I invite the husband, do I have to invite the wife?" -or- "Can I have 15 bridesmaids?"  -and- "I don't want kids there so how can I word that in a nice way." These are all normal questions right? lol

Okay so everything is falling into place. I have a job, O just got a second job. He's in school too (I know! A lots going on.) And we will be getting out furniture soon. I picked out a table already but we're having difficulty deciding on a coach. And cable. I NEED IT NOW! But I have to wait until two more pay periods so that I can bounce back from my extended unemplyment! lol Thank God I have a job now! And my bosses love me! Yaaaaaaaaaaay! I kinds rock! hahahaha. I knew that but being unemployed will have you doubting yourself and your abilites.  And the best part is that my boss is so cool. She sat down and talked to me about my life plan and even said it would be cool to look for career jobs.  Now THAT'S a blessing.

Man I didn't mean for this blog to turn into such an about me lol. I love writing on this thing though. Brings me such peace like I'm sitting in my own little corner writing private notes to my friends. I know anyone can read it but for those of you who do read it...idk, it just feels special.

Well anyway, how are you? What's new in your life? And what's moving you, making you get up and do the things you do everyday to push yourself further into destiny?


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25champ said...

Glad u r feeling gud theses days. May God continue 2 bless u n ur hubby