FLU! *Yuck* /New Job Update

Below, you will find the blog I wrote last week about my first 2 weeks of work.  I still love my job and am learning/getting used to all my new responsibilities BUT this week I am sick.  For the second time ever in life, I have the stupid flu! SMH.  The doctor has me taking asthma meds, Pretension (steroid), Mucinex, Aleve, some cough medicine w/ Codene...And though I feel much better than Monday (fever of 102, ache legs, headache, wheezing), I still feel quite lousy.  I want to be at work!  But work got me sick.  About 10 people called out last week and I thought I was in the clear because everyone started coming back and I still hadn't come down with any of the reported symptoms.  But little did I know, the flu is not like the cold.  With a cold, someone coughs on you, you get sick instantly (or at least I do).  I has been exposed to the flu for about a week and a half but I didn't exhibit any symptoms until Saturday Morning!  And by Monday I felt as if I'd die but I went to work anyway because I had an important meeting.  And I stayed half a day but had to go to urgent care.  And on top of all the symptoms above, I've been throwing up EVERYTHING I eat! This is horrible.  Sickness go away.  I will be taking Vitamin C everyday for the rest of my life.  I never want the flu again.

Written February 15, 2011

I am tired!  Whew this past week and a half has been tiring but exciting as well.  I love my new job!  Of course I’m still learning and receiving training but every day I am challenged, pushed, pulled and I’m loving that.  I like to overcome challenges because it reminds me that I am smart, I am steadfast, I am trustworthy, and worthy.  But I know that I am none of these things without God.  Man how I’ve been calling on him.  I was doing so good reading my bible but for the last week I’ve been exhausted.  I’m like Lord you know how much I want to crack this bible open but I can’t even move lol.
But God does know.  He knows our hearts.  He knows why we do the things that we do.  And he extends grace.  I’m not foolish enough to believe that I got this awesome job on my own.  I mean we are at the height of a recession that may double dip (though people are saying it’s recovering *severe side eye*).  It was the hand of GOD who got me here and I know it is him who will sustain me.  I am walking in his grace and love and I know it.  I’m so grateful.  Grateful that I have another awesome thing to be thankful for.  Grateful that I can tithe and buy my husband gifts.  Grateful that I can give charity to those in need.  Grateful that I can plan my dream wedding.  Grateful that my prayers aren’t filled with Lord help me to not be depressed over my credit going down the drain because I can’t pay this bill because if I do we won’t have money left over for food.  *Sigh*  Man. 

And no everything is not perfect.  Still seeking, praying, and believing God do heal my body.  Still trying to navigate through my marriage, discovering the hard things about myself that I want to change but find it hard to.  But a friend of mine said it best.  Sometimes, before a thing can change (obstacle), the mindset has to change.  Through this period of shaky employment, I allowed God to shake my faith to the core and when the dust cleared, I’m realizing and understanding what true faith is.  

Trials will come but it’s up to us to cast down those evil thoughts.  Cast down those doubts and realize that everything, every good, terrible, unbelievable, seemingly horrible thing is working for our good.  And if we hold on to that fact we can make it through anything.  Not without tears, pain, or sadness but with a true belief that it will be good once again.  


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