We Makin' Money & Other Ignorant Sayings

Oh world of blogging how I have missed thee!  My life has been so full but I MUST begin making time for this.  It’s been over a month since I began working at my new job that I love and I’ve just been coming home and going to sleep mostly lol.  But now I am trying to revive my social life.

What prompted me to write was the pure tomfoolery that went on in my apartment complex this weekend.  Readers beware, ignorance will be spoken of in high disregard and you may be offended by the ugliness of this story.

So I get home Friday night right after going to the beauty shop to get my hair washed for this weave I just got installed that is SOOOOOO luxurious and the African couple next door is arguing.  But before that, let me talk about this ghetto beauty shop!  So it’s in Inglewood right across the street from a Vons and its really nice looking from the outside.  I enter after ringing the buzzer twice.  I know they heard me.  Then I come in and everyone is looking at me upside my head.  One bald head stylist looked me up and down twice!  The lady who was supposed to do my hair was identified and I was supposed to be her last client.  She told me not to get there later than 6:45 pm but her butt wasn’t even 1/3rd done with the woman’s hair.  And of course she didn’t tell me there was metered parking the two times I spoke with her.  Black people can be so trife with business.  Well I should say people!  Some PEOPLE feel like they are doing YOU the favor.  My money can go elsewhere because it’s very hard earned.  Anyway, without even letting her know, I walk across the street to Vons in need of change to feed the meter.  And end up buying Girl Scout cookies to get change. Hehehhehehehe.  Super fatty right?  But anywho, someone else ended up doing my hair.  The lady was rough as hell, she didn’t blow dry my hair straight like my super far shop in the valley, and she overcharged me.  Heff!  Next time, I will just have to make that trip because I don’t have time to act ugly in a “beauty” shop. 

*severe side eye*

Anywho, I get home Friday night and the African couple next door is arguing.  I surprise my boo with his favorite food and I’m so hungry that I feel like I’m going to die so I bypass my nosy tendency to walk slow and hear what they’re saying and rush into the house.

Second downer, I am accosted by the foul order that greets me when I open our door.  I was stopped dead in my tracks and I thought I’d either pass out or throw up!  Yeah hubby didn’t take the trash out.  But I’m like ….uh….you don’t smell that?  You’re content to chill in this funk? Lol I almost turned around and went to go eat my food in the car!  So hubby took the trash out while I went in the room to get comfy after my long day.

And of course hubby was mad at me because I didn’t greet him with a kiss so I had to smooth things over before he was my friend again lol.  Hey I’m still learning. 

Then me and hubby eat our food and watch movies and have some pretty good conversation.  I told him how I felt overwhelmed.  Trying to perform well for my 90 day review at work and just in general because I like working hard and seeing the results, beginning all these tests at my new hospital with new doctors (5 appointments with specialists in the next 2 weeks to see what’s been up with me for the last 2 years), and just feeling overwhelmed about stuff.  That’s my update on all that jazz.  But then we quickly went back to laughter after declaring God as Lord and healer and the only one/thing we fear.

Third Downer, wake up and start coughing.  Food didn’t digest.  Common problem I’ve been having (gastroenterology is one of the appointments).  So I’m coughing and I throw up EVERYTHING and I mean everything in my stomach.  I think I even through up what I had eaten the day before.  It was SO gross and my throat was burning.  That SUCKED!  Stomach was dry heaving and all that.  But I went back and went to sleep after that terrible ordeal.  I went and slept on the couch so I could sit up.  That was around 11:00pm. 

Fourth Downer, I am awakened again this time by Orlando.  He says, “Babe! Get up and come in this room!”  He helps me up because I’m all groggy and gets me into the bed and when I’m able to focus into the situation; my ears are harassed by such harsh language.  This is coming from our neighbors on the other side, not the Africans.  This ignorant fool/boy is cursing out our female manager because she called the police on his unit.  From what I was able to piece together, they had been arguing and our manager Anna called the police.  He kept saying, we weren’t arguing but hubby said they had been.  Below, I will quote his rant.  I could only hear him so though it will be one big paragraph, there were pauses and different participants in the conversation, but they will not be documented.

“F*** Anna and our husband that B*****!  F*** that B**** and her f***ing son.  We over here partying and she callin’ the police.  I’m not scared of f***ing Anna.  I will beat Anna’s a** and her son a**, stupid B****!  F***ing B**** gon’ call the police on us.  And her a** is lying.  Wadn’t nobody arguing.  I know my rights!  I AIN’T SCARED OF YOU B****!  F*** THESE F***ING NEIGHBORS.  AND F*** YOU ANNA YOU STUPID B*****!  CALL THE MOTHER F****ING POLICE B****!  YOU DON’T SCARE ME.  I KNOW MY RIGHTS.  WHAT IS THE F***ING POLICE GON’ DO TA ME?!!  CALL ‘EM!  CALL ‘EM!  I’M STILL MAKIN’ MONEY B****!  SIXTY THOUSAND B****!  F*** HER!  WHY IS YOU SO SCARY?  WHY YOU ACTIN’ SO F***ING SCARY?  THE POLICE CAIN’T DO NOTHIN’ CUZ ANNA LYIN’.  LEARN THE F***ING LAW!”

The last sentence was directed toward his mother.  Obviously she had been trying to calm him down.  Her name is on the lease and I guess her shiftless son had been staying there.  And then her equally ignorant daughter took a turn going outside and making a spectacle.  Smh.  My people, my people.  

This occurred at around 2am and this fool went on and on until around 2:45am and I couldn’t go back to sleep for the longest time!  I was SO angry!  Smh.  No regard for anyone.  Calling a woman the b-word and then repeating it over and over?  I don’t know how old this male was but he was no man!  Men don’t disrespect women in that manner.  Men don’t yell at the top of their lungs spewing threats to women and calling women outside their names.  Men don’t talk to their mothers like trash.  So disgusted.  And how are you “making money” still living with yo mama!  Do better!  Needless to say, we will be moving soon.  I prayed for Anna sense she is a fellow Christian and tried to go back to sleep!

Fifth downer…yeah I thought it was over too.  The African couple on the other side wake me up at 8am with THEIR arguing.  I guess it had spilled over into the next morning.  I truly felt bad for them and wanted to go over there so bad to calm the screaming children.  But you can’t get in people’s business like that. 

*sigh* But it was alright after I tuned the African’s out, got ready, and made it to my hair appointment on time.  I looooooove my hair!  I shall post pics in a future blog.

Love you!  Sorry this one is long.  Hope you read to the end J


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