Haven’t written a blog in SO long….*sigh* I miss this.  I need this.  Writing is my outlet.  But I started working and in the beginning when I got home from work…honey!  Too pooped to even think!  But life has stabilized for me.  I’m getting this whole marriage thing and I'm just loving my life.  Here’s my update.

My health is improving.  I have two doctors:  the rheumatologist and pulmonologist are working together.  I had a lung biopsy, heart ultrasound, a million tubes of blood drawn…And they are  saying that I have scleroderma ( a lifelong autoimmune disease that I do NOT accept, claim or receive  - no thank you!) BUT they are also saying I have the COP/BOOP (organizing pneumonia in my lungs) which is improving with treatment!   The treatment is making me gain weight but I’m thankful I can breathe easier.  Actually she said my skin and hands are improving too! Awesome. My creamy caramel is coming back!  Hallelujah!  The tricky part is that in scleroderma patients, lung disease does not improve so quickly so they don't know if it's one or both!  I still have the symptoms for scleroderma but they kinda don't know what's going on!  So I'm just thanking God and praying. My pulmonologist is hopeful that it is only COP/BOOP and that the other stuff will go away.  She is hoping and I am claiming that in the name of Jesus!  She is an awesome doctor and I feel so blessed!

I love the company I work for.  The people I work with are awesome and the mission is great.  We work to give kids in South Central an outlet through education assistance and the arts; dance, music, digital and media arts, fitness, and more!  But my job is a challenge.   Am in a position where my activity affects every asset of the organization and the weight of that is heavy.  But I am striving to make my mark and create a lasting legacy and though it’s challenging, I’m up for it.  I got this!  More on this to come over the next few months.

I’m sorry but this is going to be mushy so be warned.  I LOOOOOOOOVE my husband.  I am so thankful for him.  We’ve gone through so much and grown together in this 8 months of marriage.  I think I love him a little more everyday.  He is so awesome.  He looks out for me and protects me.  He affirms me and confirms the things God places in me.  He pushes me to grow.  And he checks me on my mess!  But always in a gentle way.  He ain't perfect though.  We have our tisks lol but overall I’m so very happy.  I know it’s early but O and I are committed to making our marriage work.  We both have gone through drastic change.  Shedding selfishness, trust issues, and bad habits.  Having a good marriage is definitely a choice.  You have to choose daily to put that other person first.  You both have to choose to work together to accomplish your goals.

I don’t come from a family where I’ve seen marriage molded in a positive light.  My parents got divorced when I was five years old.  All the women in my family for the most part are divorced or have never been married and have kids out of wedlock.   I never wanted that for myself.  Even though I didn’t see marriage executed successfully growing up, I still wanted it!  I just knew in my heart that marriage could work.  And I’m determined to prove this to naysayers.  Determined to prove it to those who have given up on love.  Determined to prove to the world that marriage is a necessary institution.  Family is necessary and important to God and to this world.  And marriage is where family begins.  But this is all my opinion and conviction. 

Praying for all my single friends to get married.  Trying to hook people up too.  If you’re reading this, you might be next!  Hehehhehehehehe :) Here's some recent pics!



25champ said...

Wow...had no Idea u were going thru some much health are handling it like a champion...its great to see to ppl take marriage seriously it's a big deal...keep God first and it will all work out...Glad to c their is still ppl who make the most of life....thanks 4 sharing and don't be a stranger :)

Ms. Camile said...

hi friend! thanks for that advice. i will def keep God first!