That Good Love

Written Saturday, June, 4th 2011

It's so encouraging seeing older people in love. Just gives you that hope and ensures your belief that marriage can work! Even in the midst of hard times, true, real love can make it through.

O's 91 year old grandfather Detroit, affectionately called "Big Daddy," is in the hospital. We don't know what's going to happen because of course God has the final say, but we have made our petitions known and trust that whatever happens, God will be in the midst.

So we make it to the hospital this past Friday night. Big Daddy is sleep and Big Mama is preparing to go to dinner with her second oldest grandson. O's the first born grandson (and he claims to be the favorite. Probably because he wants to be just like me. That happens. *shrugs* I was my grandmothers favorite hahaahahahaha).

As she is about to walk out the door, Big Daddy wakes up. He doesn't recognize O. "It's me Big Daddy. Little O." O's a Jr. "I don't know who you are." O didn't get sad though. He just said, "It's ok Big Daddy. You will remember."

Big Daddy then says, "Where's my wife!?"

"I'm right here Detroit! Open your eyes. I'm right here."

Big Daddy cocks his head to the side, smiles, and makes eye contact with his wife of over 5o years. He then says, "I'm yo mannnn."

Big Mama throws her head back and laughs, beaming with joy. I imagine this is the same joy she had when she said I do!

"And you better not find another woman," Big Mama says, still giggling.

"I don't want nobody else!" Big Daddy proudly proclaims.

We all laugh! Such joy. Such love! Like it was just on their faces and it made me so happy! I hate hospitals. I hate sickness. I have no living grandparents. Watched my grandparents die, both Crandaddy and Gommie withered away before my eyes from cancer. So I was not really trying to even go to the hospital and it took us 2 hours in traffic driving to Fontana. But I have to be a supportive wife. I can't leave O hanging like that in his time of need no matter what I’m going through on the inside. And to be greeted by such love and peace and not sadness and hopelessness was such a blessing. So refreshing. Seeing people love and commune even in a time of sickness and uncertainty... I'm in awe!

And they are funny! That's wasn't the end of the convo....

"Where are we?" Detroit asks.

"We're at the hospital."

"We're going to the hospital?"

"No Detroit we're already here. We're at the hospital."

“I’m at the hospitala?”

"Yes, you're at the hospitala?" Big Mama said as she laughs again. We don't know why he added that "a" at the end.

"Why am I in the hospitala?"

"Because you're sick."

"Sick with what?"

She tells him what the doctor says and his reply was simply "Hmph." O tells me that Big Daddy is a trooper. He’s had surgeries and procedures and has been hospitalized numerous times but he keeps on trucking!

"Well I'm going out to dinner Detroit. I will be back. I'm going to spend the night here with you."

"You coming back?"

"Yes. I'm coming back."

Big Mama left shortly thereafter. And Big Daddy was still up. He looked at O and began beaming with a smile. His whole face lit up.

"Lil O!” He recognized him.

"Hey Big Daddy! I gained all my weight back."

"Yes you did!" Hahahahahaha Big Daddy is hilarious.

"And this is my wife Big Daddy."

I grab Big Daddy's hand and say hi.

"You shole know how to pick em! She's pretty!"

"I learned from you Big Daddy."

"You shole did!"

Big Daddy wouldn't let my hand go lol. He was just cheesing and batting his eyes. I was cracking up!

So Orlando says, “Give me my hand back Big Daddy," and we all laugh.

Big Daddy tells us to be good to each other and drifts back to sleep.

We stayed all night at the hospital. Slept a little, watched some movies, I read a book. But it felt good to spend that quality time. Big Mama enjoyed dinner and when she came back we chatted and watched a movie. It was a good time in the midst of a difficult situation.

Please pray for Big Daddy Detroit. Be encouraged by the love and pure joy of Big Daddy and Big Mama.

Love ya!


UPDATE!!! 6/5/11 Big Daddy is going home today!!!!


25champ said...

Isn't it amazing how God can make the best of times out of the worst....What u and ur husband are doing is beautiful and you will be blessed 4 it....I always say that the only thing that matters is what you do for a person in a time of need....hospitala "hilarious" lls thanks 4 sharing

Ms. Camile said...

Yes it is! He's so awesome. And thank you! Hosptiala... lol. And ir egret to update but Big Daddy is back in the hospitala with a stroke this time. Idk what's going on!