All the Single Ladies... Keep Your Head UP!

There are so many reasons why women are single that for the most part, when it's a good and stable woman who has her head on straight, have nothing to do with the reasons they are accused of.  I know when I was single, everyone made it seem like it was the biggest travesty of the world with their sentiments of "What are you doing wrong? You're too pretty to be single."  Or the dreaded "Got a boyfriend yet?"  Like gosh!  NO! I STILL don't have a boyfriend.  You don't go out enough, you need to dress better, you're mean, you don't go anywhere but work and school, fix your face, stop being scary, go up to him, wear your breast out, be a big ole hoe!

I did eventually branch out style wise (clothes never really mattered much to me until I found out I was sexy! hahhahahaha).  And I'm a natural talker so I would talk to any and everyone, men and women, and made a lot of friends that way.  But for four years (3.7) before I met O, I was single!  I went on a few dates if you could even call it that but I didn't feel special and wanted by any of those men.  Just space/time filling...unproductive!'

Anyway, I'm writing this because I just have some really awesome female friends who are single!  And I'm like why?  Ugh!  What are these men waiting on?!!  Pick her!  Or Her!  And I guess I just wanted this to be an encouragement.  To you my sister/friend who are beautiful, intelligent, working daily to strive for excellence, and making it all look like a cake walk, there is NOTHING wrong with you!

Some women have issues.  And these are usually the women who will settle for any man or a piece of man just to say, "I got a man."  But what's the use if you are miserable everyday?  What's the use if you don't have someone you can build with and depend on.  Why be by yourself while in a "relationship."

To you, the woman who is waiting and has realistic standards, knowing that ultimately God has the final say, again...THERE'S NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU!  Society, family, men who don't fit the bill and are bitter when you let then down, will have you thinking the worse about yourself.  Failed relationships will have you doubting.  SO many tears I cried over this when I was single.  But my best friends had my back.  They had it all planned out.  They told me I would meet someone IN GOD'S time, date less than six months, and then get married.  SO I prayed, prepared, stopped complaining, started proclaiming that I was ok and set a wedding date for 10/10/10.  Oh yes I did!  And my God sis wrote it down in her planner lol.  For a year and a half I told everyone I was getting married on 10/10/10 but it was kind of in a joking way!  But then in my heart, I believed it!  I said why not?  And I did get married on Sunday, October 10, 2010 in front of like 50 people, 30 of which were not actually invited but Black people do stuff like that! Lol. (Official wedding June 2012 and there will be security!  No uninvited guest!).   I wasn't sure that whole time it would happened that way... think that was the beginning of me truly realizing what faith is and how it works, I had struggled so long with the concept.

Have faith.  Stay committed to your convictions.  Trust God and depend on him to cover you in the lonely moments.  Boldly proclaim that YES I want to be married and it's okay.  Close you ears and hearts to haters.  Look pretty.  Don't worry.  Carry yourself like a wife.  Do your research on what and who a wife is.  Keep yourself around positive women.  Have fun.  Love.


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