My Struggle is Yours

Sometimes Christians live in Sin and Sickness in silence....Why? because they feel as if the body of Christ will either crucify them, pacify them with overused and incorrectly used scripture, or they feel they may be beat to oblivion w/ the bible.

Why is this so? Why do we judge, or not care enough. I'm getting in my word more because God's spirit whispers to me "Cam that isn't right," and "That's not how He created it to be."

I cry for this. I cry for so many people who just don't care about their sin but have the nerve to point out and condemn others for theirs. Am I the only one heart wrenched and heart broken by my sin? Of course not but looking at the body of Christ in general, not may people are. How many people do you know live together, have sex regularly, or over eat all the time, cheat and beat on their spouses, lie, gamble, dont give but expect much and don't feel a thing at the end of the day???? It's amazing how many people just go to church....It's amazing how many people just aren't phased by their sin.

When will we read the bible and take it seriously? Yes we fall daily but when does that fall become just a normality? An everyday occurrence that you don't even care to repent about because you know you'll do it again.

So much that the bible says, I feel that I will never know it all but it's my endeavor to gain as much as I can and do that with excellence.

And if you know your brother is falling, help him. We are so selfish. When my sis is suffering from high blood pressure, I wont eat salty potato chips around her. When my brother is suffering from falling over and over again into fornication, I wont linger in our hug....I care about you how I care about me. Your struggle is mine. I truly feel that God is calling us to be selfless, open, and just new.

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Don said...

Good question @ When will we read the bible and take it seriously? I ask myself the same question over and over and over again. Even wrote a blog post concerning this exact subject.

Enjoyed the read.