Dreams and Reality

So in this dream, the guy who I've liked for the past 4 years (got over it last year, FINALLY! Thank God!), asked me to be his lady on Valentine's day. And in the dream I should have recognized that V-day had already passed but it just felt too right to be a dream lol. We hung out and he spent the kind of time we never spend in person, together as just friends....and it was amazing...but then my eyes slowly start to flutter and I'm like ohhhhhhhhhhhh no! It was all a dream. He is still with her and I am still with...well me.

And I almost let that make me sad...just a little.  But I realize that I'm great! I'm an awesome person...and then the thought creeped in...well for the last 3.5 years, no one has thought well enough of you to make that special commitment. I won't allow myself to go down that path of self destruction an de-motivation. I'm a wonderful person and daily I work to make Cam better so what I took away from that dream...In due time. I do not have to settle and being with this guy...not sure it wouldn't be called settling.  In due time. Just keep my eye on living a life that is pleasing to Christ, and in due time I will enter a loving relationship...not a moment before so why be sad about it?

Living my life like it's Platinum!


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