But He told me...

Did not think this day would end in tears. But even through my tears I have a calming peace. I know that God has my back and that he will never forsake me so the mountain of "stuff" that just tried to land on my head is currently laying around my feet. His shadow protected me. I felt the initial impact but then I remembered that he will never leave me. So I know that I am in an awesome place.

It is so hard to live in a place where people do not have faith. I guess I am here to encourage you to do what you are supposed to be doing with your life. If God has you in a holding place and you know it, then stay put! People (even family) will tell you that you are stupid, worthless, and dumb for not following their logical or common sensical solutions to your "problems". But I'm a believer. And this non-faith speak will not get me down. I know that God has a plan for my life. And I know that IT DOESN'T make sense! You can't spend time trying to explain spiritual principles to nonspiritual people...

SO with said...I am praying more. Listening and looking for the signs. I'm reading His word more. And I'm believing more. And I'm waiting for the mouths of the naysayers to be shut! Not by me but by the move of God as I wait faithfully.

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