I can do it! Yes, I can do it!

So I’ve been on this weight loss journey for a year and a half now. If I were consistent, I would have not stopped at my first 30 pounds and I would have been at the goal ultimate goal already. But the first 30 pounds was achieved at the pinnacle of my success as a college student. I had come through the worst semester (hard classes and family strife) of my whole college career and determination for SOMETHING to go right was my motivation to end this semester off good. So I ate right and I worked out and that actually helped me deal! I actually looked forward to working out with my trainer. And then, graduation! I looked so cute with my new and thinner look!

But by the end of that summer, my weight loss slowed because something happened. Real life! I mean no job, no money, nothing to really look forward to... and so I’ve just been slacking.

A few months went by and I yo-yoed between 10 and 15 pounds until I said enough is enough! I started a weight loss challenge and lost the 10 pounds but currently, I can’t get passed the original 30 pounds. But last night I had a dream that I was at the goal! The other week, a friend had a dream that I was at the goal! But in the natural, every time I am going toward the goal, I sabotage me whether it’s taking a break on exercise or eating the wrong thing because I’m stressed! And I just had an ah-ha moment. Well two….First off, I’m a tad bit afraid of success. I mean I KNOW that I can do this but I’m just scared! And then, I have no major event to look forward to…At the end of this journey...I won't have any major event to look forward to..

But today, I declare that I am enough! My health, happiness, and accountability to my other weight loss buddies are enough! So I am encouraging myself to keep on! I am 4 pounds away from my 1st goal and have been for about a month. Hopefully by the next two weeks I will be working toward my next goal! I can do this! I’m excited for this renewed zeal !


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Brooke said...

Cam you are the bomb! Extremely well written and powerful. You yourself ARE enough :)