But!? Whyyyyyyy? How Come...Not fair!!!

Do any of these utterances sound familiar to you? Well they do to me....Complaints....sigh.


There. I said it....

I even try to hide my complaints by saying a quick, "But God is going to make a way" or "God got my back though so I will be all right!" If I really thought that, would I even voice the complaints? Just because the thought comes to mind does not mean it should be verbalized...over.....and over again!

Concerns vs. Complaints

I am concerned about many things in my life. I've faced the fact that I'm just not where I want to be. I mean this is life and it isn't always perfect or even good for that matter. But I tell one friend to get it out and to get their thoughts about my concerns. But once I've reached that 5th friend, it's complaining. Or if I'm whining about it, it's complaining. And if I'm discussing it, not in terms of a solution but just to hear myself, it's complaining!

I can't and won't continue to live my life like this. Why? Because I'm speaking death into my future. With every complaint, I murder the words of faith spoken and prayed over me by myself and others. Thoughts of doubt will come daily, by the hour, or even by the second, especially when you're headed in the right direction. BUT God gave us the power to cast every thought and imagination that comes to steal the joy and the peace that he as given us to maintain out faith through any situation.

So today I will begin the process of removing complaining from my life! It doesn’t even feel good to complain and afterword I feel bad. I need to begin to practice expectancy, faith, and perseverance more and more. I've killed too many dreams and good thoughts with complaints and doubt.

Currently, looking up!


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