Pack Light

Okay so from time to time we must repeat the process of de-cluttering our lives. This can range anywhere from going into a deep time of fasting and consecration to erasing unused and undesired numbers in the phone-book. However you decide to de-clutter, you know that it is both essential and beneficial in order to maintain the fluid growth in your life.

Not only must we cleanse ourselves naturally and physically but we must cleanse ourselves spiritually. So here is my de-clutter assignment for the Spring. Now, some things that are taken away, may come back, but some things will be gone forever! I hate to use the clich├ęd term “season, reason, lifetime,” but it is so true!

Over the years, I have rid myself of some many things that I get kind of weird-ed out when I realize that I’m full again. I’ve surprisingly turned into a very intimate and private person. Like my best friend is really…myself. Wow! Revelation. I am left alone, lately, mostly of my own volition (and other reasons that I don’t care to discuss here) but this time to really understand myself, I’ve learned that at different times in life, you need different things to keep balance. Surprisingly, things that I thought I’d never be able to live without, have just faded away… and it’s just astonishing that I am making it without these vital things. So I guess the most important lesson is that change is hard, but in the long run, you have to open yourself up to change to receive the good as well. Life will not always be perfect and, usually, after a rough patch, there’s a rainbow!

ASSIGNMENT: What must go today and stay way until… it’s time to return (or forever!)

SOCIAL NETWORKING: Twitter, Facebook, Mys…(sike!) lol Twitter and Facebook are great sites. You meet people and have fun, but the real dialogue that makes a difference such as academic, political, spiritual, and social debates are not prevalent anymore. Instead I find gossip, negativity, and dream killers. So I will be limiting my time on these sites. Effective, immediately!

FRIENDS: I have a few friends who are very close. Then I have that group of people who are like family. Then I have that group of people… who when we are with each other, it’s fun and nice and whatever…but they really don’t feed my life or I theirs. These relationships are pointless at this time in my life. If neither party is willing to put in the work, the relationship has no choice but to die. So I’ll continue to make an effort to be good to my faithful friends. I won’t dwell on my past relationships because they’ve all taught me something but it is just life that some relationships will not last forever…

MUSIC: there have been times in my life where I have listened to nothing but spiritual, gospel, and non-secular music. For the last year, I’ve pretty much opened back up but I always come back to worship music. That’s where my heart is. And most of the other music, honestly takes my mind to places where it just shouldn’t be whether that’s having me thinking of pre-marital sex, drinking, partying, and focusing material possessions, or what I don’t/should have. So I will be very intentional in what I listen to. I must tighten the reins on what goes into these ears.

So these are the things I will be working on. In a few months, I will assess the situation. Hopefully this clearing of my atmosphere will make my life that much more peaceful and uncomplicated!


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