While I have learned and experienced a numerous amount of growth, which I will forever be grateful for, I will be very happy (exuberantly) when my season as a teacher comes to an end.  IN fact, I cannot WAIT! I am so very serious.  Not because it isn't quite enjoyable watching those little minds work and expand their knowledge base, it's just very trying and my nerves are frayed! This kids are up in my face, every minute of everyday. And they touch me! Eh-eh! I want to still like children enough when I have some of my own.

So Monday,we all came back from Spring Break. The kids were so eager to see their teachers and friends.  And this amounted to endless chatter! I shouldn't have gone on Spring Break because I just wasn't ready to return! Overload...

"Hi Ms. Camile! I did my homework. Look!"
"Ms Camile? I did all my homework except 2 pages."
"Look Ms. Camile. I only have this page left and then this one."
"Ms. Camile? Can you help me with my sentences after I finish these pages."
"Ms. Camile? Look I'm almost finished with page 1."
"Ms. Camile? Look, I colored this!"

All of this in my first 2 minutes of class! And I am not exaggerating lol. By the first hour, I had my stuff sitting by the door because I was ret to go! lol. This student not only calls on me at least twice every five minutes, but he refuses to do his work unless I'm standing right over him. I am not a babysitter or a tutor. This constant need for attention works my nerves. And don't think that I am mean! This kid is very smart. He just craves attention.  And I give him an adequate amount. But he is not my only student. I must be fair.

Then there's my student who has nervous breakdowns during her spelling tests. Oh yes, I'm no joke. I gave them their spelling text the first day back and expected them to get A's.  They delivered but the process....

"Cornstalk. Cuh-or-nuh-st-all-k. Cornstalk."
"Yes. Cornstalk."
"But...but..I do not know how to spell it Ms. Camile." Tears begin to form.
"Because you didn't study."
"Yes I did Ms. Camile.  Cornstalk?" More tears
"It's ok. Just sound it out. Yes, cornstalk."
"I forgot!" Bursts into full grown tears. Hands over eyes, screaming that she won't get an A+.

Sigh...then I have to taker her arms down, threaten to send her to the principle or threaten to take way her recess before she quiets down.  All the while, Student A (attention boy) says, "Ms. Camile. I'm reeeeeeeaddddddyyy!" for his next word.  He really thinks he runs me....smh

And then there are the Bay-Bay's.  Guess what this group did over the weekend. They went to Chuckie Cheese and got in a fight with Chuckie. Supposedly he pushed one of the siblings, which resulted in his costume mas being ripped off his head and thrown across the room. Bad-a-kids! Lord please don't let me have Bay-Bay's!

Then there's the boy who calls me Mama. The boy who's underarms smell so bad at times that I have to make him wash up and use deodorant in the middle of the day, in order to spare us all!

"Ms. Camile, look at my Mohawk. My mom did it and she put a textureizer on it! DO you like it Look at my curls?"
"Yes.  It looks really nice on you."
Then he whispers, "My mom said I had to change how I acted if I want to keep up my new look so I am getting more serious about my hygiene. I am remembering to put on my deodorant everyday!"
"Good! I'm proud of you."

I thought this was the funniest thing ever, and though the Chuckie thing was really tacky, I got a good laugh out of that one too!  What A MONDAY!!!

Today, (Tuesday) as I get prepared to leave.  It's 1:30pm. The time I leave everyday.

"Bye everybody!"
Attention boy whines, "Ms. Camile! Unt uh. You leavin' already? That ain't right Ms. Camile."
"Little boy, let go of me and stop questioning my wearabouts."
"But why you gotta leave? I hate when you leave. You leavin' early!"
"No I'm not. I leave at this time everyday!"

This little boy amazes me. Each time I leave, I get the same reaction from him lol. I'm like if you don't let go of me!

I just know that this week will be a doozy, getting back into the swing of things. And Monday was the indicator! Today I gave each kid in the upper grades 500 standards...Week, I see you!



Angelica said...

Lmbo!!! Camile this is too funny.. Im trying not to crack up at work. Trust me when u get your dream career and leave you're gonna miss the heck outta those crazy kids!!

Ms. Camile said...

In the midst of talking with them today, I thought that very thing. they know me, and I them. They sometimes think we are friends lol...then i go "adult" on them. Today my student said, "You're always tricking me Ms. Camile." hahhahaha love those little jackals!