The good Ole Days

I woke up this morning with my mine on my college years. Good ole CSUN....There are so many things I would have done differently if I had only known, but I would never give back the time, experiences, growth, and the beautiful people that I met who will FOREVER be apart of my life.

The dorm days....WHEW! I spent two years in the same dorm and I was blessed to have roommates that I got along with (for the most part). There were a few instances of drama but it subsided thank God. But my first year, I had a room to myself because my roommate flunked out and was never at school, therefore she was never home.One day, I came to my room and all her stuff was gone, so I was like "heeeeeeeeeeey!" and I re-arranged the room to how I wanted it to be and thus, the passenger bed was born!

I have a thing about people sitting on my bed. If you're not my man, a baby, or a freshly showered individual, I don't feel comfortable with you sitting on my bed. Because let's be honest...Niggas (yes!) are not polite.They won't sit nicely on the edge of the bed...They get all up in the middle, puttin' their booty on your pillows. What kinda mess?! So the passenger bed became the spot! I remember people calling to see if the passenger bed was open. Allison Castillo spent the most time there, though she only lived down stairs. But she had a reason...Catrina!

You will probably think I'm cruel for laughing at Catrina, this disabled foreign exchange student from Venezuela or was it Argentina, but she was evil! And boy did she STTTTTTTTTTINK! Now, Allison had a rabbit and I called him doggy rabbit because he was the biggest rabbit I'd ever seen. And I told Allison she could not blame the stench on Catrina, but it was that nasty doggy rabbit.So Doggy rabbit went home...and the smell got worse. Catrina would pee in her bed and not change the sheets, she wouldn't take showers....And of course, we were kind Hearted enough to help her but she was mean as hell! She hared Allison and would do evil things. For example, Allison was cleaning her side of the closet, and had both doors to one side. Catrina comes in the room, doesn't speak, slams both the doors (almost hitting Allison), gets whatever she needs, and leaves the doors like that. Now Allison is a Belizian girl and ya'll know them Islanders have a streak! Hahaha we had to Hold Ally cat back!

And when I speak of the "we" it was the Fab 5 and sometimes 6 lol. Me, Allison, Primilee, Brittney, Angelica, and Keshia! We hung out all the time, cooked, watched movies....I remember the time that Allison and I fought over the front seat. We were both inside Keshia's very small truck, with the door closed, trying to sit in that dang front! hahaha. We could have died. Or when Kiesha, Primilee (who are also Belizian), and Prim tried to teach me how to wind in the parking lot of a bowling alley in Rialto...How random!

And yeah we fell out like females do hhahahahha. But they are still part of the reason college was great...And I am happy to say that I still speak to all of them accept Primilee. Myself, Keshia,and Allison, all received our degrees and while we are each working, we still are trying to figure out exactly what we are called to do. Brittney is finishing her degree and she just had a beautiful baby girl named Marlee! Primilee moved back to Texas and is moving up in her career, while Angelica just got a promotion on her job, moved into a new apartment, and is doing very good for herself, making he dreams happen!

(Me and Brittney on the right, Primilee, Allison, Angelica, and I couldn't find a picture of Keshia!)
Sigh...I miss those days and will forever cherish them.

This post is getting so long..I have to go to work! I'll be back because I'm not done reminiscing!



Angelica said...

I won't say any bitter things... so I'll just go with Awwww. Nice post. My pic is cute!

Ms. Camile said...

hehehhe I KNOW there is so much I could have said...sigh but the bad times only make the good times that much more enjoyable and for the good times we are grateful....Still can't believe "Meeting in my bedroom" was our anthem! hahahha