Are YOU in Love?/ Let's Get Hitched!

Summer's here! Wheeeeeew! Barbecues, beaches, bathing suits, fun, theme parks, good food, rest, relaxation, vacation, HEAT and hook-ups! Hook-ups: no strings, steamy, memorable, short-lived...

We all know that Winter is boo-ed up season and around Spring everyone starts breaking up in anticipation for the Summer fun.  I know guys who look forward to this time so they can "play".  *extreme side eye* Though this is the typical mindset for this time of year, some people are not into the whole Summer fling thing.  Some people are really getting out there and dating for a purpose.

So the real questions (you knew it was coming). How can you tell when it's true love?  When does it take that turn from just kicking it to love? What are the signs? Some people say it's a funny feeling but gas is a funny feeling. Ya know?  I'm thinking that true loves is more based on actions- what you will do for that person and what that person is willing to do for you.  Love is shown. But then the age old question of loving someone and being IN love and how can you tell the difference?  When you love someone, your actions will tell them. Am I confusing you ...Here's what I want to know.

Are you in love?
How did you realize that you'd fallen in love?
And how long was the time between say your first date and your knowing that you were in love with your boo?

Onto my next subject. Marriage!

Love and Marriage go pretty well together. You love someone, you discover that you don't want to live without them, and that love pushes you to commit to one another. In a marriage, a man and a woman join together and work on their dreams, goals, and experience life as one.  Marriage is such a deep commitment that it should not be taken lightly.  I've heard of couples marrying after 2 weeks or even 3 months and it being the most disastrous decision they could have ever make.  But I've also heard of those stories where people have known after 2 days that they couldn't live without the other and within a month were married and have lived happily for years!

In fact, I met the most beautiful woman about 2 years ago. I was helping my God sister with a wedding and this woman was actually the mother of the bride.  She began talking to us about her own marriage.  Her husband was actually dead but you could still see all the love on her face that she had for her love.  She told us that she met him on a Saturday, he told her that he would marry her and by the next Saturday they were hitched!  She said he was the most caring and loving man she could have ever prayed for!  He treated her with love and he took care of her, put her through school, and just gave her the world.  They traveled and they just experienced life together.  How beautiful...

The reality is yes, people need to choose wisely.  But sometimes when you know, you know.  Two years or two is love.



25champ said...

Love is easy to me. Love is just hoping someone doesn't die, but In Love 4 me is when I'm will 2 sacrifice my heart for hopes that you willing 2 do the same. Can you say blind faith lol. It's more than a joke or sex or even ur pretty face. In love is when my Soul smiles and theres only a few other things that make me that happy, God, my parents, my kids and that special someone. Good Read!

Ms. Camile said...

From Ron Eldridge of
(He had trouble posting!

Nice post. I think I get blurred by love - I fall into this "you are a human being, so I love you" mode... I tend to share that feeling with others too, including my significant other. Fast forward to the point that I love her beyond our metaphysical existence, and I fumble... but in the end, I find that staying natural to your words often helps to get over the "oops".

Love is a beautiful thing, it is the elixir that stirs the pot of life.

Thanks for sharing your beautiful words... I look forward to reading more.

Ms. Camile said...

Thank you so much champ! You helped me understand this love thing just a little bit more!