Live You, Love You

Why did Keisha Cole sound so bad on the awards?

And why do ALL Diddy's raps sound the same?

Why are people calling Alicia Keys a home-wrecker. Swizz Beats is the wrong one. But why is that any of our business anyway? Why is it so easy to talk about people? Yes Keisha sounded bad and Diddy raps the same rap and does the same dance but so?

We're so wrapped up in the lives of stars. They're making their money and I'm not seeing one red cent so I could truly care less! I really dislike going onto my favorite celebrity site ( to view the beautiful celebs and up and coming artists enjoy their hard work  only to see nothing but hate in the comments.  Now some of these professional haters cause me to howl with laughter but it also saddens me.  They hide behind "Well I'm just telling the truth" but the truth should be told in love.  Truth is already hard to swallow but does it have to be mean and vicious as well? But how can you teach biblical principles to someone who isn't on that level... *sigh*
The old saying is oh so true.  People who are unhappy and hurt will try and hurt other people.  I am undergoing the process of ridding all traces of negativity from my life and that even means the negativity that I bring.  I too talk about people, simple as that, (as u can see from above but I was trying to make a point! lol). Even when the contents of my heart don't spill from my lips, it's still wrong to even think it.  It's so hard not to laugh at the lady who's FULL pantie is showing at the top of her low rise jeans. Like where's ya mirror boo?

But why not pull her to the side.  I did this recently instead of just laughing and we BOTH felt better.  She didn't know that you could see her red and white striped pantie with cherries on the booty through her all white skirt? *side eeeeeeeyyyyyyeee!* So when I want to talk about someone, I think about how I am supposed to be speaking life.  It's just a bad look. How can I sing at church, minister to people, and then speak negativity? And I  know how this looks because through other people I was able to see myself.  I have a "friend" who talks about all our other friends and not in a constructive way (whatever that means lol) and as I sat their and nodded (not agreed) I just felt SO bad and I'm like if you are talking about them, I know FA SHOW you be talkin' about me. Which is fine because EVERYONE talks about people. It's a part of life. But if I say it behind your back, best believe you've heard it to yo face. I'm probably talking out of frustration (but no excuses).

I've learned these few things about people:

1. If some one's best friend is the messiest person you know, then they are messy as hell too!
2. Don't tell anyone anything what you don't want someone else to know. Sometimes people can't hold stuff. Everybody has that one person that they MIGHT tell everything.
3. If you do get talked about, confront the source if it's that big of a deal to you. Or just brush it off. We aren't in high school.
4. Don't act like life is over when you get betrayed lol. People fail and life goes on!
5. Live your life for yourself because no one else cares about your life and your well being more than you!

Again, hurt people, hurt people. Stay away from the diarrhea of the mouth "friends" who ONLY want to sit up and tear everyone down.  I know I get talked about lol and I know I will get talked about even more as I walk in what God has for me, listen to him and do some things that the masses won't agree with.  It's funny how as I get older I care less and less about what people think about me...this is great!  I am no better than anyone.  The blessings that I have and that are waiting in store are here for any and everybody so no one will EVER make me feel bad for me and mine and our happiness. AMEN!

Live you and Love you! Don't wait for anyone to define you.  Don't waste your life hating on people to make yourself feel better. Stop talking about what your about to do. DO THAT THING! And do it with excellence.  Laugh at people who try to discourage you because they're scared to make moves in their own lives.  Like the people who tell you to stop loosing weight because THEY are uncomfortable. I'm reaching 150 even if it takes me a whole nother year!

And lastly, before you go falling in love, make sure you have complete and total confidence in you.  No one can tell you who and what you are. YOU and God define that.  Well God already said who you were but you must take the time to discover it.  Your mate should affirm and confirm, not define. If he/she does, then if they ever left, you'd crumble. I'm standing now and I will be standing through any trial, any heartbreak because I'm connected, rooted, and grounded in and to the true source. Thanks Lord!



NovembersEpiphany said...

This made me laugh but it also made me think too, and I love pieces like that! I need to check myself. Thanks for the accountability.

25champ said...

Well said. I couldn't agree wit u more :)

inivonnahswords said...

Loved this! So true, people are always quick to talk about folks and put others down instead speaking life!

Reggie said...

It is what it is.