Itching and I wanna die...

Or rip all these freaking tracks out! I want my twists back but when you PAY for a weave (so expensive- installment +hair) and more importantly sit through the pain if braiding and want to keep that bad boy in as long as possible.  But the itching can drive ya nuts. I'M GOING NUTS! I've patted, scratched, rubbed, oiled....there's nothing left but to take it out. Oh how I will miss these long locs. I've really become a diva. But I can't do weaves right now. Too much on my plate/mind to be worrying about itching all dang day! I just wanna screammm...*AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH*

*takes deep breath* *exhale*

In other news, the reason why I got the weave in the first place was for my best friend's wedding! it came out so nice.  And she's off on her honeymoon with her hubby while I'm house-sitting and babysitting her cat. I hate did I get myself into this? lol

Well I hope to blog WAY more.  Life has been so busy. New love, new responsibilities, medical problems, too much stuff to write all in one post! But I will get to it!



Anonymous said...

You better save that hair, so next time you just have to pay to get it put it! :) Love you!


Ms. Camile said...

lol I will. I want some Malasian hair though! I need to invest! But my boo likes my twists better and so do I so I may be switching back...

Beauty and Health Editor said...

Sounds like the extensions have some chemicals in it that you are possibly allergic to.

I have had a weave about 4 times in total, and one time I used some rally awful cheap hair, it felt like creatures were crawling on me....Terrible, that was about 10 years ago, besides, I prefer my own hair.