So You'll Either Float , Fly, Or Lay Down and Die!

Can you remember the last time when you had to fight really hard for something? I mean drag out, all cards in, exercising each and every weapon withing your arsenal.  calling on all the warriors you know to lend a hand in your time of need. Praying so long and crying so hard that both your eyes and knees beg you for mercy. screaming so loud, thinking so hard, hoping so desperately....

Well if you haven't know that a day like this will come. For everyone. It's just life.  When life/satan/whoever/whatever you think it is causing a ruckus within your space, you'll have one of two choices. Give up, or not. Yes you could slit your wrists and sit in a warm bath, but what would that do besides enrage, upset, devastate, and utterly crush your loved ones? And what legacy would you be leaving. Life isn't always going to be peachy. Personally, I'm like umm can ya girl get a break! But things keep coming fast and hard and if I were looking in from the outside I'd have to say...damn! lol (I hope "O" doesn't read this). Bu t as these things have come hard and fast, I must reflect on what I've truly done. I've prayed some, read my word some, discussed it with a few friends....I've had a lackadaisical attitude about it in public towards friends and family who've expressed their concern, while sitting on the coach for the last 3 months watching TV, and wishing it would all just STOP! Going back and forth to the hospital had worn on my self-esteem, tolerance, patience, faith....

But today i had to say enough...*sigh* E-NOUGH! enough....Enough.

If I want this situation to change, I need to go after my change. If I want healing in my body, I have to go after that healing daily, command my body to act right, and stay in consistent commune with my healer, The Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I will be a living witness that God heals and make whole. I've been tested in love, faith, joy, God being my peace...And now God will allow me to be a witness of his supernatural healing powers! And I can find joy in that!

There is a testimony on the inside of each of us. Testimonies bring joy and healing to those who hear them. Testimonies encourage and uplift.

I am beginning a journey of asking and expecting God to heal my body and my heart and I will find purpose through this time. If you're with me as I declare victory over this situation and all others, please join me in prayer and more importantly, leave your prayer request below! There is nothing better than praying for others in need when you are in need! It takes the focus off you and places it right back on God.



Anonymous said...

AMEN, sisah!!! I'm believing with you that you're healed and that you will have an AMAZING testimony! I believe in MIRACLES, and believe that God still performs them today, but we have to do something out of the ordinary to get those miracles! I'm waiting on a miracle, myself, and have decided to do something outside of my comfort zone! Time to get MAD! I know this will happen for you! Love you!

Ms. Camile said...

Amen DRI! I receive and agree with you on behalf of us both. OH YES! I am MAD! And I will not stand for this madness in my life! Love you sis!

inivonnahswords said...

What stuck out to me was "Go after my change". We can't just sit back and think that God is going to do all of the work. We have to do our part if we have to fight, pray and cry until we can't anymore.

Patricia said...

"If I want this situation to change, I need to go after my change."

like this quote a lot! =]

praying God will continue to heal your mind, your body, your soul and renew and restore all things.